Red Lobster Shooting: Victim Deceased, Suspect at Large

A man who was shot on May 1, 2018 near a Red Lobster in Waco, Texas has succumbed to his injuries. Police are currently on the hunt for the shooter. 

Thirty-two-year-old Justin Wayne Bible of Waco, Texas was shot in the head on the morning of May 1. The victim was found in the parking lot of the local Red Lobster.

Officials have revealed that he succumbed to his injuries while at the hospital. 

Currently, Waco officials are on the lookout for the man who shot Bible.

Authorities explained that the shooter fled the scene in a white truck that was being driven by someone else. 

What the Witnesses Had to Say

Officials have reported that they responded to a call about a car crash at approximately 11:20 a.m.

But when they arrived on the scene, witnesses informed them that there had been a shooting. 

Witnesses allege that the killer shot a man who was in his red Hyundai, before getting into the passenger’s side of a white pickup truck. The Hyundai then crashed into a parked car. The gunshot victim was still inside when police arrived.

A good Samaritan left his truck to get inside the Hyundai and place it in park. He claimed that Bible was muttering and attempting to move as sirens were heard approaching the parking lot.

The victim was taken to a nearby hospital in critical condition. He later died of his injuries, immediately making this a murder investigation.

When he was taken to the hospital, relatives did not know what had happened.

But one relative, Angelia Parham, revealed that the family had suffered another death not too long ago. She said the family was praying for Bible. 

There was a woman on the scene who claimed that her husband had been shot. But details about her, her husband, or the man’s condition are unknown. 

Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton said, “This does not appear to be an incident that put any other members of the public in any danger. For some reason, the individual in the red car was targeted, but we don’t know if that was because of an altercation that occurred just now or from a previous altercation. We will try to piece all that together.”

Diners at the Red Lobster and those in surrounding buildings were not injured. 

No other information pertaining to the crime is known at this time. Officials are asking anyone who might have information about the murder to contact Detective Kristina Woodruff at 254-750-7614, or Waco PD at 254-750-7500.