Police Discovered the Body of Atlanta Rapper Bambino Gold

The police were finally able to locate the body of missing Atlanta rapper, Edward Reeves—known by his stage name, Bambino Gold—on Friday night. If you want to know more about what happened to him and his cousin,  keep on reading.

Local authorities have reported that they were able to find the body of Atlanta-based rapper Bambino Gold (born Edward Reeves) on the night of November 17, 2017, in a wooded area off of County Road 13 in Macon County, Alabama.

Twenty-nine-year-old Bambino Gold’s body was discovered four miles away from that of his cousin, 30-year-old Kendrick Stokes. Stokes’ body was found at around 4:00 a.m. on Saturday morning (November 18, 2017). Stokes goes by the moniker Skooly Kee Da Tooly.

Macon County Sheriff Andre Brunson said, “They were not far off of the road at all, it looks like somebody placed them there. I don’t think they were killed there.”

Friends and family last heard from both of them on November 5, 2017. Two days later, a missing person’s report was filed. Both of them were seen on the Sunday in Montgomery, Alabama, driving a white 2016 Honda CRV with a Georgia licence plate.

Both Stokes and Bambino Gold are said to be originally from Montgomery, Alabama. Reportedly, on November 4, Stokes was in the city to do promotion on a party at Sky Bar. The next day, his cousin joined him. On November 5, both of them left Stokes’ home to go to the Alabama National Fair. They were seen at the fair by many.

After that, the pair are said to have gone to an undisclosed friend’s house, reportedly arriving around 10:55 p.m. That’s the last location Stokes and Reeves were said to have been seen. They could not be reached by cell phone once they left that friend’s house.

The duo were very close friends and were related as cousins by marriage.

Upon hearing the news about the death of both Bambino Gold and Stokes, their uncle Carl Vandiver said, “We have two young men whose lives have been taken away, and now we have to bury them together.”

Ch 2 news reports :The body of an Alabama rapper who was reported missing last week has been found. According to the Macon County Sheriff's Department, the bodies of Edward Reeves, 29, known as #BambinoGold , and #KendrickStokes, 30, known as #SkoolyKeeDaTooly, were found Friday and Saturday morning. The first body was discovered Friday night in a wooded area off County Road 13. The second body was found Saturday morning in the woods off Highway 80, about 4 miles away from where the first body was found. The two were reported missing Nov. 7 and were last heard from on Nov. 5. Channel 2's Audrey Washington spoke with Reeves’ girlfriend by phone Nov. 10. She did not want to be named, but said she last spoke to him the Sunday before. “He seemed fine … like nothing was wrong with him,” his girlfriend said. “I’m trying to not think about nothing being wrong. I’m trying to think positive.” Police said they were driving a white 2016 Honda CRV with a Georgia license plate. Prayers for their fams 🙏🏾

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Their aunt, Rosa Vandiver, is also heartbroken. She said, “I just thought he was going to come home.”

As of now, neither man’s cause of death has been revealed. The investigation is ongoing at this time and concrete information will be reported when it’s available. According to a statement attributed to Sheriff Brunson, both of them are most likely homicide victims.

According to Bambino Gold’s Instagram, he leaves behind two young children.