Mystery Rand Paul Assault: Neighbor Pleads “Not Guilty” to Charges

In court today in Bowling Green, Kentucky, the U.S. senator’s neighbor pleaded not guilty to charges in the Rand Paul assault. It’s alleged that, on November 3, 2017, Rene Boucher attacked Senator Rand Paul from behind while he was mowing his lawn. According to reports, he tackled the senator out of nowhere and slammed him to the ground.

Paul is reported to have suffered six broken ribs, leading to fluid build-up around his lungs.

During the short arraignment on November 9, 2017, Boucher didn’t speak much, only replying “Yes, sir” to the judge. Paul did not attend the arraignment. He is said to be at home recovering from his injuries.

If convicted of the fourth-degree misdemeanor assault he’s charged with in the Rand Paul assault, Boucher could get up to a year in prison. If the charge is amended to felony assault, the possible jail time would be more extensive. Note that it’s a federal crime to assault a Congress member.

Brent Potter, the Warrant County District Judge presiding over the arraignment, set November 30 as the pre-trial court date for Boucher.

In the meantime, Boucher is out on a $7,500 bond. He must stay 1,000 feet away from Senator Paul and his family at all times, unless he’s in his own home, at which point it’s 200 feet.

Outside the courthouse, Warren County Attorney Amy Milliken said that the investigation was ongoing in the Rand Paul assault, involving both the FBI and the Kentucky state police. She would not comment with any further details about the mysterious attack or a possible motive.

Theories abound about the cause behind this mysterious attack—from political differences to a property line dispute. However, at this time, neither the parties involved nor the authorities are confirming any motive behind this alleged attack.

Paul and Boucher have been neighbors and colleagues in the field of medicine for 17 years.