Quadruple Murder in Troy, New York Leaves More Questions Than Answers

A basement apartment in upstate New York was the scene for a set of murders that are not only leaving a community reeling, but also leading to questions about a similar unsolved set of murders less than four years ago and only 10 miles away.

The Latest About the Quadruple Homicide

In the basement apartment of a home located at 158 Second Avenue in Troy, New York, investigators have discovered a crime scene very unlike what they are used to.

Dead are two women, aged 36 and 22, and the older woman’s two children, an 11-year-old boy and a five-year-old girl. The two older women were reportedly in a domestic partnership, but their identities have not been released to the public.

According to reports, all four victims were bound and had their throats slashed. An older brother of the two children was apparently out with friends during the attack.

Authorities are stating that it appears that the family may have been targeted, but as to why, there are currently no clues, with the possible exception of another family murder that is eerily similar.

The Chen Family Murders

In 2014, police discovered the bodies of Jin Feng Chen, 39; his wife, Hai Yan Li, 38; and their two sons, Anthony, 10 and Eddy, seven, in Guilderland, about 10 miles away from Troy.

The Chens were bludgeoned and stabbed. The killer(s) used knives and hammers to kill the family. Originally it was thought that the Chen murders may have had to something to do with Jin’s involvement in a black market economy or a possible $100 000 in debt due to illegal card games, but no conclusive answers or suspects have ever been found.

However, given the proximity of the two sets of family murders to one another and their surface similarities, police are looking into any connections that there may be.

Police Chief James Tedesco told the press, “We are certainly appealing to people in the community that would have any knowledge as to what may have transpired there to contact us as soon as possible.”