Promising Student and Wrestler Taylor White from GCU Killed in Hit & Run in Phoenix

Taylor White was jogging near his college campus on Sunday (April 8), when an SUV ran a red light and struck him. White died at the scene, and his parents and friends are devastated by their loss. He was an energetic and talented student who excelled in wrestling, and took part in extracurricular activities.

21-year-old Taylor White, a student at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona, was in high spirits as he and a 17-year-old teenager were jogging near the campus on Sunday night. White was looking forward to his wedding which was to take place in just a couple of weeks. His fiancée also happened to be a student at GCU.

SUV Drove through Red Light

At 8:20 p.m. as White and the teen were jogging in the crosswalk near 31st Avenue and Camelback Road, a white SUV ran a red light and hit White. It is believed that the SUV swerved around another vehicle heading westbound on Camelback Road.

Firefighters and Phoenix police quickly arrived, but White was pronounced dead at the scene. The teenager was not injured. White’s parents, Angela and Nate White are devastated about their son’s tragic death, and spoke lovingly about him.

A Born Adventurer

White’s parents described him as an adventurer who often explored the outdoors. He was originally from Colorado Springs, and studying athletic training at GCU, where his younger brother is also a student.

Taylor White An Adventurer

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A Promising Wrestler

White graduated from Pine Creek High School. He was an accomplished wrestler for his school team, and took part in several wrestling competitions where he showed his skill in the sport.

Taylor White A Wrestler

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Apart from being deeply involved in academics, White took an interest in other activities. He was a promoter at LIMU, a direct sales company that brings cutting-age products, like energy drinks, to market. White was also a guide at Wilderness Expeditions.

Talking about her son, Angela White said: “He lived life full, and if Taylor would have wanted anything, it would be that we go and live life full too.”

Parents Request Help

Phoenix police said that the suspect’s SUV might have been a Ford or a Lincoln. White’s parents had a message for the driver responsible for their son’s death: “For this person, whoever they are, we forgive you. We already forgave you last night.”

Nate White added, “If you’re a neighbor or know who they are, please turn them in. Please turn them in.”


Posted by Angela Dean White on Monday, 9 April 2018

Somber Mood on GCU Campus

On Monday, GCU officials released a statement about White’s death, saying that their thoughts and prayers were with his family and friends, and requested everybody to keep them in their hearts during this tragic time.

If you have any information concerning the accident, you can help White’s family by calling Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS. There is also an option to leave anonymous tip in Spanish by calling Testigo Silencioso at 480-TESTIGO.