Pregnant Woman Dead, Another Injured in Newport Shooting

A pregnant woman lost her life in hospital after she was fatally shot by an unknown person. She was traveling with two a man and her 21-month-old daughter in their car when the incident took place.

In Newport, Virginia, three people became victims of gun violence early Thursday (May 10) morning. A pregnant woman died in the incident, as she was in the vehicle with a man and a child when the shots were fired. The man is reportedly injured, but the child was not hurt.

Police have identified the female victim as 20-year-old Tiara Jefferson of Hampton, who was 15 weeks pregnant. However, details on the man and child in the car have not been released.

Unknown Suspect Killed One in Newport

At 2:22 a.m. on May 10, Newport News Police reportedly received a call about a shooting. The location was near Madison Avenue.

When detectives arrived at the scene, they found a Hyundai sedan crashed into a tree. Inside were two gunshot victims and one unharmed child.

The man and woman were shot by an unknown suspect when they were driving down the 700 block of 27th Street. The woman, 20-year-old Tiara Jefferson, was 15 weeks pregnant, and rushed to a nearby hospital, where she tragically lost her life.

The man, 23, was also shot, and is expected to only have minor injuries. Thankfully, the 21-month-old child was not injured. There is no information on the suspect at the moment, but the Newport News Police Department are still examining the scene.

Since the investigation is still underway, authorities have not revealed personal information about the victims. It is unclear as to whether the woman died of gunshot wounds or the crash, or if the suspect was known to the victims. The man and child are both expected to survive.