Police Report Drunk Driver in NFL Player Edwin Jackson’s Death Case Is an Undocumented Immigrant

The latest development in the case of NFL player Edwin Jackson‘s death has surfaced. Reportedly, the suspected drunk driver is an undocumented immigrant. More details on the case are covered below.

Little did Indianapolis Colts linebacker Edwin Jackson know that waiting outside on the emergency shoulder of the I-70 highway would cost him and his Uber driver Jeffrey Monroe their lives.

The man who rammed into the rear of Monroe’s car and killed them both is Manuel Orrego-Savala. He was driving a Ford F-150. He tried to flee the scene on foot but was later arrested and taken to the Marion County Jail. He was accused of driving under the influence of alcohol and without a license.

Recent Development Regarding the Drunk Driver

Authorities believe that the man who was driving the F-150 is Manuel Orrego-Savala. Furthermore, the cops claim that when Savala tried to flee the scene on foot, he told them his name was Alex Cabrera Gonsales.

The detectives who are handling the case state that Savala is a citizen of Guatemala. Reportedly, he came to the United States illegally and was deported back to his country twice, once in 2007 and the other time in 2009.

Edwin Jackson Car Accident Spot Photo

Credit: Indiana State Police

Currently, the detectives are investigating the case with the US immigration authorities. Post his arrest and on the discovery of his identity, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement released a statement on Monday.

Edwin Jackson Car Accident Spot Photo 2

Credit: Indiana State Police

The statement explained that, in 2005, Savala was charged with driving while he was intoxicated in Redwood City, California. The statement further read that Savala has other “misdemeanor criminal convictions and arrests in California and Indiana.”

Statement Released by Police Sgt John Perrine

Police Sgt John Perrine explained in a statement, “State police investigators are working with US Federal Immigration Officials and they have placed a hold on Orrego-Savala.”

Michael Joyce, a spokesman for Indiana’s Republican National Committee, said on Monday, “These horrific events only further underscore the need for immigration reform and stronger border security measures that can further prevent these tragedies from happening in the future.”