Police Investigate Online Threat Made against Oasis Charter Elementary School

Cape Coral police are currently investigating an online threat made against Oasis Charter Elementary School. We have the latest on the threat, the school’s lockdown, and what police have discovered so far.

An Online Threat Locks Down a School

Police in Cape Coral, Florida are looking into a threat made against Oasis Charter Elementary School during a video game chat. No specifics about the threat have been revealed to the public as of yet, other than that it came from out-of-state.

Parents were alerted to the potential threat via the school’s text messaging system.

Legitimacy of the Threat

Cape Coral police stated, “At this time there is no specific, credible threat and the scheduled school day will proceed as normal.”

That being said, given the recent school shootings in Florida and Maryland, police and school officials were leaving little to chance. Police presence was increased around the school. Parents were also seen by reporters taking their children home.

As of this writing, the investigation is still ongoing.