Phoenix Coldon’s Disappearance: Case History of St. Louis Girl Missing Since 2011

Twenty-three-year-old St. Louis, Missouri resident Phoenix Coldon went missing in 2011. Almost seven years have passed since there’s been news of her. Coldon’s mother, who appeared on The Dr. Oz Show, believes her daughter is still alive. Want to know more about what happened to the young woman? Read on for more details related to Phoenix Coldon’s disappearance case.

A Living Nightmare

The Coldon family had their worst nightmare come true: their daughter, Phoenix Coldon, left home…and never came back. Her family has raised a lot of awareness about their missing daughter and even have a Facebook page to share information.

About Phoenix Coldon
Age32 Years
BirthMay 23, 1988
Weight123 to 130 lbs
ParentsGoldia Coldon, Lawrence Coldon Sr
AlumniUniversity of Missouri-St. Louis
Last Seen18th December, 2011

To bring more publicity to the case, Oxygen aired The Disappearance of Phoenix Coldon on November 3 and November 4, 2018.

It has been almost seven years now and anyone who has heard about the young woman’s disappearance has one question in mind: Could Phoenix Coldon still be alive?

Phoenix Coldon Was 23 When She Went Missing

Phoenix Lucille Coldon was born on May 23, 1988.

At the time of her disappearance in 2011, Coldon was 23 years old, which means she’s now 30 years old.

Phoenix Coldon is the only daughter of Goldia and Lawrence Coldon Sr. She comes from a tight-knit religious family, who would regularly go to church together in the area they lived in: an unincorporated area of North County, St. Louis, Missouri.

Goldia is originally from Bakersfield, California. Lawrence hails from East Saint Louis, Illinois. He used to work at Compass Learning.

Posted by Coldon L Goldia Phoenix on Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Phoenix was home-schooled for most of her life. As a young woman, though, she was a junior at the University of Missouri-St. Louis.

An active girl, she was a member of the handbell choir, was a regional fencing champion, and played the piano. She was also taking violin lessons from a family friend.

Phoenix Coldon is described as kind-hearted and beautiful, with a bright future ahead. Goldia Coldon also said her daughter is a compassionate young woman who has a keen sense of humor and fairness.

Posted by Lawrence Coldon Sr on Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Day Phoenix Disappeared

On December 18, 2011, after attending church, Phoenix changed clothes and went outside to shoot some hoops.

She was seen by her father, in the driveway of her family’s home. Phoenix was sitting in her black, four-door 1998 Chevy Blazer. She was initially thought to be on her cell phone at the time, though, according to Phoenix’s mother, records later revealed that she was not on her phone then.

The family lived on the 12600 block of Countrybrook Drive.

Lawrence said that he saw his daughter leaving the driveway in her car at around 3:00 p.m. He found it a little weird that she didn’t inform him or her mother about where she was going.

That was the last time he saw her.

However, at that time, Lawrence didn’t think too much of it. He assumed that Phoenix was visiting a friend or going to a nearby store, which she often did.

When she woke up on the morning of December 19 and couldn’t find her daughter, Goldia Coldon had an intuition that something was wrong, as Phoenix never stayed out too late.

Later on, Goldia got in touch with the authorities, but they told her that they couldn’t do much at the moment because Phoenix was an adult. A police officer did run the license on her car, but didn’t find anything.

The Coldons spent the day contacting local hospitals to see if their daughter had been admitted, but with no luck.

Phoenix’s Car Found

A little more than two hours after Phoenix Coldon was seen leaving her parents’ driveway in North County, St. Louis, Missouri, somebody called 911 to report an abandoned vehicle in East St. Louis, Illinois.

The area, reportedly not a safe one, is a 25-minute drive from Coldon’s house. The car was found near the intersection in the 900 block of St. Clair Avenue in East St. Louis, Illinois. in one of the traffic lanes.

According to initial reports, the keys were still in the ignition, the engine was running, and the driver’s side door was open.

This illegal and unusual parking job didn’t suggest planning on the part of the driver.

Also, it was initially reported that the police officer who arrived at the scene said that he didn’t find anything in the car. However, further investigation suggests that Phoenix Coldon’s driver’s license, shoes, glasses, and purse were in the vehicle.

According to some reports, the car’s paperwork for the car, registered in Goldia Coldon’s name, was in the glove box. (Goldia maintains it was found in a compartment located between the vehicle’s sun visors.) However, the police didn’t contact Goldia about the abandoned car or make the connection to the missing persons report. So it wasn’t until two weeks later that the Coldon family learned the car had been impounded.

However, more recently, journalist Shawndrea Thomas spoke with retired St. Louis Deputy Chief of Police Joe Delia and Officer Kendall Perry about the car and how it was found.

According to Thomas, Officer Perry told her that, contrary to earlier reports, Phoenix’s car’s engine was not running when it was found. And the keys were not in the ignition.

Perry said, “There was nothing to raise a red flag like that. The doors were closed. The lights were off. The car was just sitting here parked. There was no indication of a carjacking or a struggle or anything violent. It was just an ordinary abandoned vehicle.”

On the show The Disappearance of Phoenix Coldon, Thomas said that it was Goldia who gave her the inaccurate information. Phoenix’s mother has stated that the information about how Phoenix’s vehicle was found was given to her by an unnamed person who called the couple on January 1, 2012. She and Lawrence then shared the details with St. Louis authorities and media contacts.

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Investigation Reveals Secrets

The investigation into Phoenix Coldon’s mysterious disappearance ended up revealing some information that shocked her family.

First of all, Phoenix had reportedly been attending the University of Missouri-St. Louis at the time she went missing. However, her family soon learned the truth: she’d dropped out of her classes and was no longer enrolled.

Phoenix Coldon

Phoenix Coldon; Photo: Facebook

Another shocking discovery made by her parents was that Phoenix had a secret boyfriend…and she had been living with him.

When she went missing, Phoenix was back living with her parents. But earlier, at the age of 19, she had moved into a women’s dormitory after enrolling at Missouri Baptist University, per Goldia.

Her family thought she had a female roommate. After Phoenix Coldon went missing, her family found out that she wasn’t living with a female roommate after all.

She’d been living with a boyfriend they didn’t know she had. Her family had absolutely no clue about it.

The unnamed female friend who Phoenix had told her family was her roommate told Goldia that she didn’t know the missing woman’s whereabouts. However, she did give Goldia the name of the person who might know: the mystery boyfriend.

The boyfriend, known at this time only as Mike B., said that he didn’t know where Phoenix was…that he didn’t even speak to her before she disappeared. However, phone records showed that the two did speak to each other, The final call was made by Phoenix at around 1:46 p.m., lasting for a minute.

Mike B. is reportedly not a suspect in the case.

Another piece of information that came out later was that Phoenix’s vehicle contained a cell phone bill.

What made this bill interesting is that it was for a different phone than the one her parents gave to her as part of their family plan. Why did Phoenix need another phone if she already had one? Was she keeping even more secrets from her family?

In another recent revelation, former deputy chief Delia and reporter Shawndrea Thomas spoke to Phoenix’s best friend, Akira Hogan. Hogan disclosed that Phoenix had been dating two guys at one point in the time leading up to her disappearance.

In addition to Mike B., who Phoenix had been living with for a time while she was in college, Hogan said that her friend had been seeing another man named Mike.

According to Hogan, “There was another Mike. He was a guy at the school. He worked at the phone store, so he used to give her like discounts and stuff.”

Hogan said that Phoenix used two phones so that she could meet Mike #2 without getting caught by her parents and her other boyfriend.

False Leads

A month later, the Coldon family received an anonymous tip.

Goldia feels that it was Phoenix. She says that she recognized her daughter’s voice. Plus, the person on the phone called her mom three times, which is what Phoenix specifically calls her. After that, the phone was disconnected.

The authorities suggested that a 14-year-old girl from Beverly Hills playing on the phone made the call, pretending to be Goldia’s missing daughter.

The Coldon family’s hopes were raised again when a man from Texas told them that he knew Phoenix’s whereabouts. According to Goldia, he offered quite convincing details.

Goldia got in touch with St. Louis’ police department, but they didn’t send anyone to Texas to investigate. However, it seems that the Texas man fabricated the story because he wanted publicity.

The Coldons had already invested a lot of their money in the search for their daughter; they spent the rest of it on private investigators to talk to this new lead and look into his information.

According to the family’s investigator, a man made a fake Facebook page using the missing woman’s photo, claiming to be her father. However, the Texas man confessed that he had fabricated the story.

It was a hoax that cost the Coldons a lot of money…and also their home. In 2012, they tried to explain the situation to the mortgage company, but they didn’t listen. The family ended up losing their house.

Luckily, when this fake story cost the Coldons their savings and home, they were able to bring in a pro bono private investigator.

In another potentially false-hope lead, Goldia received a message on Facebook from a woman who said that her daughter was getting messages from the “Holy Spirit” about Phoenix Coldon. She said that Phoenix was a part of some sort of a cult. This hasn’t been officially followed up on to date.

Investigative Reporter Shawndrea Thomas Drawn to the Story

Reporter Shawndrea Thomas appeared on The Dr. Oz Show to explain why she was drawn to Phoenix Coldon’s story.

Thomas covered Coldon’s disappearance as soon as she heard about it. And, every year on December 18, the reporter ensures that her newsroom runs Coldon’s picture and the facts about her case.

As Thomas investigated the case, she found that Coldon had a lot of secrets. She confirmed that Coldon had a secret boyfriend who her family hadn’t been aware of and that the young woman had a second secret phone.

Thomas suggested that Phoenix was leading a double life and had different sets of friends, like her church friends, fencing friends, college friends, as well as a rougher group of friends from the street.

Goldia Feels Her Daughter Is Still Alive

The whole ordeal of their daughter missing has not just affected the Coldon family financially, but also emotionally.

On The Dr. Oz Show, Goldia Coldon explained that the last few years since her daughter disappeared have been continuous mental torture. Goldia is restless not knowing what happened to her daughter.

In fact, Goldia had another heart attack, and she still has panic attacks.

But Lawrence and Goldia Coldon haven’t given up. In Goldia’s opinion, Phoenix is still alive.

Goldia and Lawrence Coldon

Goldia and Lawrence Coldon; Image: The Disappearance Of Phoenix Coldon: A Family’s Job (Season 1, Episode 2), Oxygen

Desperate to find their daughter, the family has visited dance clubs and communicated with local prostitutes, because they think that Phoenix might have been forced into prostitution.

Goldia feels that law enforcement and media are not paying enough attention to her daughter’s case because she is African-American.

On Dr. Oz, Goldia said, “I hate to say it, but first of all, in our United States, we have too much division. There’s just too much division about so-called races. It tears me up inside to say it but it’s true and we need to stop this in this country because we’re better than this. Phoenix is just as important as anybody else.”

Goldia has avowed she will do whatever it takes to find her daughter and bring her back.

Contact Police with Info on Phoenix’s Case

The authorities are urging individuals who may have any information on Phoenix to get in touch with the local FBI or the St. Louis County Police at 314-615-5400.

At the time of her disappearance, Phoenix stood 5’6” tall and weighed between 123 and 130 lbs. She had black hair and brown eyes. She was last seen wearing grey sweatpants with either “UMSL” or “Lindenwood” printed on one leg, a dark hoodie, and tennis shoes. She may be wearing earrings or glasses.

Phoenix Coldon Missing Poster

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