Philip Mudd, Former FBI/CIA, Has Live TV Breakdown About the Florida High School Shooting

Philip Mudd, formerly of the CIA and FBI, broke down on national television when speaking with Wolf Blitzer on CNN about the Florida high school shooting. The February 14, 2018 shooting left 17 dead and at least 14 injured. A former student is in custody.

During a live segment on CNN, counter-terrorist analyst Philip Mudd ended the interview early when he broke down in tears speaking about yesterday’s Florida school shooting that left at least 17 dead. Mudd is a former CIA analyst and former senior intelligence adviser for the FBI.

Retired from the government intelligence community, Mudd now works as CNN’s counter-terrorist analysis.

On February 14, he was giving his insights and expert opinion on air to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer about the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

Less than a minute into the interview, Mudd could not control his emotions and indicated to Blitzer that couldn’t continue the interview.

“A Child of God Is Dead”

The interview began with Blitzer asking Mudd, “What’s going through your mind as someone who used to work at the FBI?”

Mudd replied by saying, “You think it’s antiseptic. It’s not.”

In what seems to be an attempt to illustrate his emotions about the current situation, Mudd started speaking about a terrorist who he met after blowing up a car bomb allegedly for ISIS and Al Qaeda. He talked about the horrifying physical condition of the terrorist after he survived the blast.

Mudd shifted from that traumatic experience to making references to the current gun and mass shooting situation in America and the politics involved.

“I have 10 nieces and nephews; [and] we’re talking about bump stocks, we’re talking about legislation.”

This is the point of the interview where he became much more emotional saying, “A child of god is dead.”

“Cannot we acknowledge in this country that we can’t, we cannot accept this,” Mudd said.

e added, “I can’t do it Wolf, I’m sorry….”

At this point, Mudd was speechless and crying on air.

Blitzer took over the interview by thanking Mudd and went on to say, “…this is so emotional. Unfortunately it happens all too often and as a result people say we gotta learn some lessens. Unfortunately lessens are never, never learned…”

This interview could get the ball rolling once again to start the discussion of gun control in America and the truly horrific impact of gun violence on children and adults alike.

Watch Wolf Blitzer’s CNN interview with Philip Mudd about the Florida high school shooting here: