Peter Madsen Wiki: Things to Know about the Submarine Killer

Peter Madsen has been accused of murdering journalist Kim Wall. But what do we know about Peter Madsen?

In this Peter Madsen wiki, we’ll take a look at the life and current trial of the inventor, engineer, and possible murderer.

Peter Madsen’s Wiki

Large details about Madsen’s personal life are still unknown but there are a few key points that we were unable to unearth.

Peter Madsen was born on January 12, 1971, and grew up in the town of Sæby, Denmark, approximately 100 km west of Copenhagen.

Madsen’s father was an innkeeper named Carl. Carl Madsen was 36 years older than Peter’s mother, Annie. She had three sons from two previous marriages before Madsen came along.

Eventually, Madsen’s parents divorced when he was six years old. When the divorce was finalized, Madsen went to live with his father,

The two had their issues as Carl Madsen was often described by his son as “authoritarian and violent.” According to Madsen, Carl beat his stepsons, but not him. According to an interview Madsen did with author Thomas Djursing, he said of his father:

“When I think about my father, I think how children in Germany must have felt if their dad was a commandant in a concentration camp. How does it feel to know your own father is a villain?”

The two did have a common love of war jets and military history. It was their shared love of jets that helped spur Madsen’s education and future business ventures.

Schooling, Submarines, and Rockets

After his father’s death, Madsen began taking engineering classes. He dropped out without a degree once he was comfortable enough that he felt he could build a submarine with his knowledge. Madsen went on to build three different subs: UC1 Freya, UC2 Kraka, and UC3 Nautilus.

2008 was a very important year for Madsen’s interests. He launched his biggest submarine, the UC3 Nautilus. He also helped form the company Copenhagen Suborbitals, the world’s only manned, amateur, crowd-funded space program.

In 2014, Madsen left Copenhagen Suborbitals to form Rocket Madsen Space Lab, or RML Spacelab. Rocket Madsen Space Lab was created to help him develop and create better and stronger rockets.

While this may seem to be the methods of some James Bond supervillain, the truth is that Peter Madsen wasn’t some super rich evil genius. His net worth is unknown, but most of his ventures were crowdfunded and Madsen has few material positions. It is thought that he occasionally lived on his submarines.

An Interview and a Death

In August 2017, Madsen replied to an interview request from Swedish journalist Kim Wall for a purposed article for Wired magazine. Much of what happened after Wall boarded the Nautilus is currently being disputed in court.

Kim Wall

Photo: Facebook/kimwallmemorialfund

According to Madsen, Wall was accidentally killed. Madsen’s current story is that a drop in pressure in the sub released a toxic gas that killed Wall. Panicking, he allegedly dismembered Wall’s body and dumped it overboard.

According to the prosecution, Madsen tortured and killed Wall, dismembered and disposed of her body and then sunk the Nautilus to get rid of further evidence.

The trial began on March 8, 2018, and looks to end on April 25, 2018.