Patrick Hickey: School Board Member Resigns Due to Sex Charges

Patrick Hickey stepped down from his seat on the Washington Local Board of Education in Ohio after being charged with three counts of criminal sexual conduct.

This is the latest on Hickey, the charges against him, and past allegations.

A Little Background on Patrick Hickey

Patrick Hickey was elected to the Washington Local Board of Education in November 2017, but he was involved in both education and controversy for a number of years.

Hickey’s first issues came in 1990, when allegations surfaced that he had an inappropriate relationship with students while he was a teacher at Addison Community Schools. He quit his teaching job there that year. He later became superintendent at the Washington Local Board of Education.

In December 2015, Hickey resigned from his superintendent position when the allegations that were made against him in Michigan came to light. The school board was working on a resolution to fire Hickey at the time, due to his failure to disclose the allegations when he left his last position.

In 2016, Hickey was involved in an altercation at a school basketball game. The incident resulted in him being banned from school board district property. Given that he already had a number of restrictions due to the previous issue, this began to create other issues. Board meetings had to be held away from Washington Local Board property.

The Latest Charges

The latest charges against Hickey go back to the original allegations from 1990. In 2016, Michigan police began to investigate the 1990 allegations and spoke to a woman who said she had sex with Hickey when she was 14 years old, and he was a teacher at Addison Community Schools.

At the time, the woman did not want to press charges against Hickey. When the matter was revisited in January of this year, the case was re-opened and the woman decided she would now move forward with the charges.

In Michigan, child sexual abuse charges have no statute of limitations when the accused has not been identified. Hickey is currently facing three counts of third-degree felony charges, which carry a penalty of up to 15 years in prison each.

Hickey denied being guilty on all allegations.