Olivia Bergstrom: Woman Identified in Needham Stabbing Is Killer’s Girlfriend

A horrific stabbing incident unfolded in Needham, Massachusetts on February 10 where a woman died. Authorities identified the woman as Olivia Bergstrom, the killer’s girlfriend. Find out all about the Needham stabbing here.

Massachusetts authorities say Ben Walsh stabbed a woman to death before attacking his parents. While his parents suffered severe stab wounds, the woman was found dead. Authorities confirmed that the deceased is Olivia Bergstrom, Ben Walsh’s girlfriend. Read all about Olivia Bergstrom and Ben Walsh here.

They Lived Together

The Norfolk District Attorney’s Office stated that they expect to charge Benjamin Walsh, 24, with his girlfriend’s murder. Walsh is accused of non-fatal stabbings of his parents at a restaurant on Saturday night.

According to reports, police responded to a Primavera Restaurant around 7 p.m. on Saturday in Millis. Walsh reportedly stabbed his parents during a family party there. He was restrained by family members when the police arrived.

Walsh was taken into police custody, and his parents, both in their 50s, were rushed to Boston Hospital. After arresting him, police did a well-being check on Walsh’s girlfriend.

20-year-old Olivia Bergstrom was living with Walsh in an apartment at 64 Marshall St. in Needham, not far from Millis. She was found dead in the third-floor apartment. Bergstrom had multiple stab wounds.

Police say that Walsh stabbed Bergstrom to death in their apartment and then made his way to Millis where he attacked his parents.

Bergstrom posted a picture with Walsh in August 2017 celebrating getting their new apartment together. The landlord told the media that they moved into the building in September 2017.

Who Is Olivia Bergstrom?

Bergstrom was a native of Massachusetts who grew up in Holliston. According to her Facebook page, she graduated from Holliston High School in 2016. She attended Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston where she studied interior design.

Olivia Bergstrom Facebook Profile

Photo: Facebook.com/olivia.bergstrom.5851

She was last employed at a Cocobeet store in Wellesley. She had been working at the Boston juice shop since October 2017, soon after graduating Wentworth.

Her Instagram features pictures with Walsh. She writes in her bio, “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

Judging from her Instagram, she loves animals, especially dogs and horses. She apparently spent time with her horse on weekends. Food also featured on her Instagram.

Ben Walsh’s Father on Olivia

Latest reports state that Ben Walsh’s mother’s condition is critical, while his father’s condition is improving. Mike Walsh, Ben’s father, was being treated for his wounds in an ER when he saw the news of a fatal stabbing in Needham on TV.

When they showed Ben’s Needham apartment building, Mike was afraid that the victim was his son’s girlfriend. Hours later, his fears were confirmed.

Mike Walsh spoke to the media the day after the incident. He said that after Ben was arrested, Mike’s other son called the police to check on Olivia. They didn’t know anything after that.

“I think I was in the emergency room when I saw on television there was a fatal stabbing in Needham and that’s when I feared it was her,” said Mike Walsh. He said he is shocked that Ben would stab Olivia. Mike added that Ben would be “devastated” when he realizes what he did.

Walsh and Bergstrom’s landlord commented on the incident saying, “Olivia was one of the nicest people you could possibly have. They were paying the rent, taking care of the property, telling me how good of a neighborhood (it is).”

Bergstrom’s family, friends, and coworkers declined to comment.

Ben Walsh is scheduled to be arraigned at court on February 12 for charges related to his parents’ stabbing. He is expected to be arraigned for Bergstrom’s murder after Monday’s appearance in court.