NYPD Detective Lionel Holman Faces Investigation for Allegedly Selling Guns on City Time

NYPD detective Lionel Holman is currently under investigation after allegedly selling guns as his side job. His clients are suspected to be other law enforcement officials. 

Holman worked at the Bronx district attorney’s office, and is now accused of dealing guns on city time. The NYPD Internal Affairs Bureau and Department of Investigation are currently looking into the case.

Holman’s client list is reportedly being investigated, and is said to include other police officers. A source revealed that it would be necessary for someone in a supervisor role to report Holman, adding, “If he’s selling to people who outrank him, how does that look? No one thought that looks bad?”

The detective was allegedly once seen with what was believed to be an assault-style rifle. If modified to do so, they can legally be sold in New York.

Holman revealed that he is not permitted to speak to the media, and diverted all questions to the NYPD press office.

Regulations on Selling Guns

Holman has a Type 1 firearms license, according to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, and is permitted “to deal in firearms ‘other than destructive devices.’”

He is registered in Rockland County, and is forbidden from selling outside the county. However, there is a known “gray area,” as an order can be placed in the dealer’s county, and the dealer can deliver it to another area outside of the county.

The NYPD has restrictions that forbid Holman from selling firearms in the city.

Who Is Officer Lionel Holman?

Lionel Holman completed his business administration and management degree from SUNY Delhi in 1996. He then attended Technical Career Institutes for an Associate of Arts and Sciences degree, with a focus in building engineering, which he obtained in 1998.

In 2015, Holman graduated with a Bachelor of Science in criminal justice and law enforcement administration from State University of New York Empire State College.

In 2000, Holman started working with the NYPD. He also has his own security firm, Frontline Security & Training Services. He is the Director/CEO of Frontline Security & Training Services Inc., which was founded in August 2008.

The Investigation Department declined to provide any details of this ongoing probe at this time.