North Bend School District Cancels Classes after Shooting Threat Graffiti Found in Girl’s Bathroom

North Bend Middle School canceled classes on Wednesday (April 11) after they discovered a shooting threat in graffiti on a girl’s bathroom stall. Officials were notified, and the investigation is ongoing.

On Tuesday, at around 10:00 p.m., the school district informed the North Bend Police Department’s School Resource Officer about graffiti found in the school.

The graffiti threat was discovered on a bathroom stall wall in the sixth grade girl’s bathroom, and read, “school shooting tomorrow…BE READY!!!”

The writing on the wall was noticed by a student, who in turn told a substitute teacher, who reported it to school administration.

After the authorities were informed, both the NBPD Detective Sergeant and officers began investigating, looking for other witnesses in hopes of determining a suspect. Several witnesses have been interviewed, but none saw the threat being written.

Investigators reviewed several hours of videos from cameras placed in the hallway outside the girl’s bathroom to try and identify the culprit.

Authorities are working closely with the North Bend School District. According to reports, the district decided to cancel all classes on April 11. On Tuesday evening, they released a notice to families explaining that “We are contacting you tonight to notify you that a threat was written about ‘shooting up the school’ tomorrow, Wednesday.”

“In partnership with the North Bend Police Department, we take all threats as credible threats and are actively investigating,” the release added,  “Our children’s safety is our top priority.”

Officials asked anyone who may have any information about the case to get in touch with the North Bend Police Department at (541) 756-3161.