Nicolet Math Teacher Accused of Sexual Abuse, District Looks for More Victims

An investigation into a former math teacher at Nicolet High School in Wisconsin uncovered that the teacher sexually assaulted a student during his tenure. The revelation prompted district officials to urge other victims David Johnson to come forward. Read more about this case from Nicolet High School here.

School Uncovers Decades-Old Sexual Abuse

District officials at Nicolet High School in Glendale, Wisconsin sent a letter to school alumni on March 26 about an investigation into inappropriate conduct by a former teacher. The letter said that a former student of Nicolet High who graduated in the ’80s came forward with allegations of sexual abuse.

David Johnson taught math at Nicolet High from 1958 to 1991, during which he also supervised two major student organizations. The letter was sent to students who attended the school during Johnson’s tenure.

The district contacted the Glendale Police Department, who said that the reported incident “was beyond the statute of limitations for criminal prosecution.”

Nevertheless, the district launched an investigation to find out the extent of Johnson’s crimes.

They found that the student was sexually abused by Johnson. Additionally, more evidence indicated that at least one other student was abused.  Neither of the students were identified in the investigation.

District Seeks Johnson’s other Victims

The district retained an independent legal counsel experienced in investigating similar sensitive cases. The investigation found that Johnson’s “misconduct” was brought to the notice of the district in 1983. Though, details of what was found was were not disclosed. At the time, he was allowed to continue his job under supervision. 

The letter also apologized to the former students for not taking stricter actions at the time.

To prevent future abuse, the district announced changes in the school policy, including a requirement to report inappropriate behavior. Among the new rules, there is new staff training on setting appropriate boundaries with students.

Officials urged anyone who might have been abused by Johnson to anonymously report it on the school’s website. Victims can also contact Superintendent Robert Kobylski at 414-351-7525.