Nicole Brown Simpson Wiki: 25 Facts about O.J.’s Ex-Wife

About Nicole Brown Simpson
Age35 Years
BirthMay 19, 1959 Frankfurt, Germany
DeathJune 12, 1994 Brentwood, Los Angeles
SpouseO. J. Simpson 1985-1992
ChildrenSydney Brooke Simpson, Justin Ryan Simpson
SiblingsDenise Brown, Tanya Brown, Rolf Baur, Tracy Brown, Dominique Brown, Wendy Kirk, Margit Brown Carr
ParentsLouis H. Brown Jr., Juditha Baur

Nicole Brown Simpson’s life was cut tragically short at age 35 when she and friend Ron Goldman, 25, were murdered on June 12, 1994. The violent attack occurred on the steps of her posh Brentwood, California condo.

Nicole Brown Simpson had been married to former NFL star and actor O.J. Simpson. While their marriage was marred by violence, the pair still had two children, Sydney Brooke Simpson and Justin Ryan Simpson. The much-touted couple stayed together for seven years before divorcing in 1992.

When Nicole was murdered just a couple of years later, her husband O.J. Simpson was the obvious suspect. And, after a notorious police chase, he was charged with her murder.


He was famously acquitted on October 3, 1995.

Despite saying he still loves his ex-wife, Simpson has made no effort to help find who the real murderer(s) is.

To confuse things further, Simpson was found liable in a civil suit for the deaths of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. The civil court ordered the celebrity to pay a $33.5-million judgment to the Goldman family.

Over the years, Nicole Brown Simpson has been made a poster child for battered wives-turned-murder victims. Unfortunately, few truly know very much else about Nicole Brown Simpson, the strong, fun-loving woman.

This Nicole Brown Simpson wiki uncovers 25 must-know facts about the vivacious ex-wife of O.J. Simpson.

Nicole Brown Simpson

Nicole Brown Simpson; Photo:

1. All-American Nicole Brown Simpson Was Born in Germany

All-American, tall, blonde Nicole Brown Simpson was born May 19, 1959, near Frankfurt, Germany.

Her father, Louis H. Brown Jr., a native of Kansas, met and married Nicole’s mother Juditha Baur, from Rollwald, Germany. He was stationed there as a pilot and also worked at Stars and Stripes, the American military newspaper.

Later, Lou started an insurance company for members of the U.S. military.

The Brown family returned to the U.S. when Nicole and her older sister Denise were still toddlers. The Browns first settled in Long Beach, California, but then moved to a much larger house, one with a tennis court, big swimming pool, and three-acre backyard, in the Royal Palm Estates neighborhood of Garden Grove.

Nicole Brown Simpson’s parents would go on to have two more daughters, Dominique and Tanya.

Nicole also had several half-siblings: Wendy Kirk (half-sister); Tracy Brown (half-brother); and Margit Brown Carr (half-sister who died in 1989). Rolf Baur, a cousin to Nicole, was also raised by Louis and Juditha.

Nicole Brown with Tanya and Dominique

Nicole Brown with Dominique and Tanya; Photo:

2. Nicole Brown Simpson Was Homecoming Princess in 1976

Nicole and her sister Denise took to LA life. They started high school at Rancho Alamitos High School before moving attending Dana Hills High School—Go Dolphins! With their stunning looks, the Brown sisters left a lasting impression on Dana Hills High School.

Denise was homecoming princess in 1974 and Nicole was a princess in 1976. In high school, everyone called her “Nick,” and she was remembered for kissing a pumpkin at the 1974 homecoming dance.

Beside her 1976 graduating yearbook picture, Nicole wrote, “Be yourself, don’t be a phony, you don’t have to do anything.”

Nicole and Denise Brown

Nicole and Denise Brown; Photo: @db_brownie

3. Nicole Was Interested in Photography and Modeling

Nicole Brown Simpson had an interest in modeling and photography, and after high school, she enrolled at Saddleback College in Mission Viejo. It was during her brief time at Saddleback College that she met an already married O.J. Simpson.

4. Nicole Worked as a Salesclerk and Never Made a Single Sale

Nicole Brown Simpson was barely 18 and just out of high school when she worked as a salesclerk in a boutique. During that time, she never made a single sale. Discouraged, she started to work as a waitress at The Daisy, a trendy club in Beverly Hills where celebrities like O.J. Simpson used to hang out.

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5. Nicole Brown Had No Idea Who O.J. Simpson Was When They Met

Nicole might have been named homecoming queen by her high school football team, but that doesn’t mean she was a rabid fan of the NFL. How else can you explain her not knowing who the ego-driven O.J. Simpson was?

Nicole Brown, still just 18, met O.J. Simpson in 1977 when she was waitressing at The Daisy. He was still married to his first wife, Marguerite, when the two started dating. He purchased Nicole Brown a new Porsche and got her set up in her own apartment.

O.J. would divorce the long-suffering Marguerite in March 1979.

O.J. Simpson at His 1995 Murder Trial

O.J. Simpson at His 1995 Murder Trial; Photo by Dan Mircobich/AFP/Getty Images

6. Nicole Brown Simpson Dropped out of College to Be with O.J.

It didn’t take long before Nicole Brown had moved in with Simpson and dropped out of Saddleback College. Why? Because Simpson “required that she be with him.” Needless to say, dropping out of school and being on the arm of O.J. left Nicole few occupational opportunities later in life.

In an affidavit filed during her 1992 divorce, she would say, “I only attended junior college for a very short time, because [Simpson] wanted me to be available to travel with him whenever his career required him to go to a new location, even if it was for a short period of time.” As a result, “I have no other college education, and I hold no degrees.”

O.J. Simpson and Nicole Brown Simpson on their Wedding Day

O.J. Simpson and Nicole Brown Simpson on their Wedding Day; Photo:

7. O.J. Hit on Another Woman on Their Wedding Day

On February 2, 1985, Nicole Brown married O.J. Simpson.

At their wedding, Simpson gave a heartfelt speech about Nicole Brown Smith.

“Nicole came into my life at what, for any athlete, is a difficult time. It was at the end of my career,” Simpson said. “I was also going through a divorce at the time, and all my life I wanted to be a father, I never really thought about being a husband.”

“And I thought I had given that up, the opportunity to watch my kids grow. And then you came into my life and you made this house a home, brought my kids in, your brought love into my house,” he added.

“I love you.”

Maybe. But Nicole wasn’t the only woman he had eyes for on his blessed wedding day. Family friend Robin Greer said Nicole and O.J.’s relationship never felt sincere. In fact, Simpson hit on Greer on his wedding day.

“He cornered me a couple of times and tried to make sexual, you know, advances, and I kind of pushed him off,” she recalled.

8. Nicole and O.J. Had Sex Five Times a Day

Nicole Brown Simpson and her husband were opposites. She liked to stay at home with their two kids, Sydney and Justin, and go out for dinner, drinks, and dancing.

O.J. meanwhile, liked to go out and party. He needed to be seen and adored. When O.J. traveled for promotional reasons, he reportedly would hit on women and sleep with prostitutes.

Despite their differences, Nicole Brown Simpson and O.J. had a passionate relationship that kept them together. They had sex up to five times a day, with O.J. boasting he was so good in bed no other man could live up.

9. O.J. Cheated on Nicole Brown Simpson throughout the Marriage

O.J. Simpson cheated on his first wife with Nicole and, really, never saw monogamy as an option. So perhaps it’s not surprising that he continued his womanizing ways with Nicole. That doesn’t mean Nicole didn’t put up a fight. O.J. had numerous affairs and they were the main reason for the constant conflict in the marriage.

As friend Robin Greer put it, Nicole “knew he had affairs, and it drove her crazy.”

10. O.J. Threatened to Kill Nicole Repeatedly

Nicole Brown Simpson and O.J. were known for their loud fights. What wasn’t as well-known at the time was O.J’s physically abusive behavior. As was often the case, O.J. would become abusive when he was called out for his many, many affairs.

Tawny Kitaen

One of the most savage beatings occurred when he was having an affair with actress Tawny Kitaen, famous for cartwheeling and cavorting lasciviously over David Coverdale’s two Jaguars in the video for Whitesnake’s “Here I Go Again.”

O.J. was generous to his girlfriends and bought Tawny diamond earrings worth $29,000. Nicole found them in a dresser and, as any wife would, presumed they were for her. The earrings never materialized, but she did see a picture of Tawny in the newspaper wearing them.

She confronted the two-timer. The insecure philanderer responded by beating Nicole Brown Simpson so hard she thought she would go blind. He threw her inside a closet, locked the door, and sat down to watch TV.

He returned some time later to unlock the closet door, but only so he could beat her some more. He then abruptly locked the door again and sat down to watch sports.

Recalling the vicious beating, Nicole Brown Simpson told her friend Faye Resnick, “I wanted to die. I begged God to help me. I felt as if nobody in the world could help me.”

New Year’s Day 1989

O.J.’s cheating ways were behind an infamous fight the couple had on January 1, 1989. Officers arrived at the Simpson estate at 3:30 a.m. on New Year’s Day 1989. According to police reports, Nicole Brown Simpson jumped out from the hedges and rushed across the lawn in her sweat pants and bra and pressed the gate-release button.

As the police entered, she cried, “He’s going to kill me, he’s going to kill me. You never do anything about him. You talk to him and then leave.”

Nicole Brown Simpson’s eye was black, her lip was split, and she still had O.J.’s handprint on her neck.

Meanwhile, O.J. reportedly shouted, “I don’t want that woman sleeping in my bed anymore! I got two women, and I don’t want that woman in my bed anymore.”

Incredibly, O.J. would later say that Nicole attacked him and he was just defending himself. But, once word of the attack hit the press, he realized he could lost all of his endorsements. He pleaded no contest and said it was an isolated incident.

O.J.’s brutal beatings didn’t only happen when Nicole confronted him about his infidelity. O.J. would get irate at the idea of Nicole Brown Simpson being with another man…even when they were divorced.

In June 1994, the month Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were murdered, he told mutual friend Faye Resnick about how much he hated just the idea of Nicole being with another man, “I can’t take this, Faye. I can’t take this. I mean, I’ll kill that b–ch.”

Susan Forward, therapist and author of the book Men Who Hate Women, and the Women Who Love Them, saw Nicole Brown Simpson twice after the breakup. She recalled how Nicole Brown Simpson said she was increasingly fearful of O.J. He had beaten her numerous times in the past and was stalking her “in the bushes all the time.” He would also phone has as many as 30 times a day threatening to kill her, allegedly telling her, “If I can’t have you, I’ll kill you.”

During her association with O.J., Nicole Brown Simpson called 911 more than nine times to report he was beating her.

11. Nicole Was Emotionally Abused by O.J.

In her high school yearbook, Nicole Brown Simpson told her graduating class to be themselves, not to be phony: “You don’t have to do anything.” Sadly, she could not follow her own advice. O.J. was extremely controlling.

O.J. told Nicole Brown Simpson what to wear, how to look, what to do with her hair, where to be, and when to be there.

Their marital home was their abode, but really, it was O.J’s. Their friends were his friends. Her relatives were his employees. When Nicole took up interior decorating, her only clients were Simpson and his friends.

Nicole was not just economically dependent on O.J., she also felt subservient. Nicole would tell close friends that she felt so overwhelmed that even her own words felt like they came from O.J. In a divorce court deposition, she confessed, “I’ve always told O.J. what he wants to hear.”

12. Nicole Brown Simpson Had Angry and Jealous Moments

Like all of us, Nicole Brown Simpson had her faults.

She wasn’t perfect. She was a person,” said one friend. “She could be thoughtless, impatient and, like me, sometimes had a mouth like a sewer. But she had character and she was dedicated to her kids. The worst thing he would do is threaten to take away the kids.”

In the late 1980s, O.J. had lunch with Jennifer Young, a nightclub singer, and a few other friends at La Scala in Beverly Hills. Nicole saw the group having lunch and flew into a rage. When O.J. and Jennifer Young left the restaurant, Nicole drove past in her black Mercedes and screamed, “Son of a bitch!” at O.J.

According to Young, “We were just walking. The next thing you know out she comes, out of the blue, flipping out, screaming, ‘If you’re going to {expletive} cheat on me, why don’t you pick somebody who’s pretty? She’s a {expletive} ugly dog,’” Young recalled.

As for O.J., he remained calm. “It wasn’t him that had the temper that day. It was her.”

Which isn’t a big surprise, either. O.J. rarely, if ever, acted out and was abusive towards his wife in front of others.

Nicole Brown Simpson

Nicole Brown Simpson; Photo:

13. O.J. Hit Nicole While They Had Sex

Friends began to suspect that Nicole Brown Simpson would try and hide the signs of abuse. She would frequently cancel appointments and meetings with friends, and was often a no-show. Both she and O.J. would defend her absence by saying Nicole had terrible menstrual cramps. Cramps that were so bad they would keep her in bed for days on end.

Robin Greer recalled how on the day of her wedding, she found out that Nicole and O.J. would not be attending because she “was having very bad cramps from her period.” It was only later that Greer learned that O.J. had beaten Nicole so badly she could not leave the house.

It seems that Nicole Brown Simpson would find no solace from O.J.’s beatings.

In one diary entry, Nicole wrote, with no explanation, “Hit me while we f—ed.”

14. Nicole Had an Affair with Marcus Allen—O.J.’s Friend?

In October 1992, after years of abuse and philandering, Nicole finally filed for divorce. It was around this time that Nicole Brown Simpson is alleged to have had an affair with Marcus Allen, O.J’s good friend and a fellow football player.

O.J. was a mentor to Marcus Allen, a Heisman Trophy winner and a running back with NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs. He was apparently also a lot better looking, more charismatic, and more charming than O.J. This was not lost on Nicole Brown Simpson.

Marcus Allen

Marcus Allen; Photo: David Maxwell/Getty Images

Despite the close friendship, Marcus Allen and Nicole carried on a flirty relationship during her marriage to O.J. After they divorced, they took the flirting to a whole new level.

“Nicole had started dating guys, and Marcus confessed that he’d always had a crush on her,” said one friend. “They soon began a secret affair…and only a few of Nicole’s close friends knew about it.”

It couldn’t have been a surprise to Nicole’s friends.

“I think she always festered a crush for Marcus,” said Robin Greer.

“He was the only person in her life that was as famous and as strong as OJ,” she added.

Nicole wrote in one diary entry that she felt “beautiful and sexy and smart” when she was with Marcus Allen, as opposed to feeling “jabs” when she was with O.J.

Apparently, Nicole Brown Simpson continued to see both Allen and O.J. until Allen met his future wife, Kathryn Eickstaedt, a Nike model and Nicole Brown Simpson lookalike. Resnick wrote in her 1994 book, Nicole Brown Simpson: The Private Diary of a Life Interrupted, that the pair continued to hook up even after Allen and Eickstaedt were engaged, and after they married in a ceremony at O.J’s house.

Mike Gilbert, a former sports agent for both Allen and O.J., said that after Nicole Brown ended a brief reconciliation with O.J. and told him they were officially through, he told his ex-wife, “You ever see Marcus again and I will kill you.”

Despite a large number of people from Allen’s inner circle and Nicole’s close friends saying Allen confessed to having an affair, Allen steadfastly denies it.

In the 1996 wrongful death civil suit filed against Simpson by the families of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman, Allen testified that the two never had a sexual relationship. In fact, Allen testified that Simpson called him while in jail and asked him to back up the story about the affair with Nicole.

O.J. believed that if Allen admitted to the affair it would show that O.J. was not a jealous ex-husband. More so knowing that O.J. hosted Allen’s wedding at his Brentwood home. Allen, though, said he refused to lie for O.J., and instead, decided to simply end their longtime friendship.

15. Newly Divorced Nicole Brown Simpson Threw Potlucks

Nicole Brown Simpson legally escaped the clutches of O.J. on October 15, 1992, after signing the divorce decree. O.J., who was worth an estimated $10.0 million, paid Nicole $433,750 and agreed to pay her $10,000 a month in child support.

Included in the order, “Each party shall have the right to live separate and apart from the other, free of any interference or harassment.”

The divorce left Nicole Brown Simpson single for the first time since she was 18. She moved into a rented house just five minutes from O.J.’s Brentwood estate and then purchased a condominium nearby.

A dedicated mother, the newly single Nicole Brown Simpson took her kids to karate and dance, she showed up at school functions, and she handled the carpool. She was, her friends would say, transforming.

“She became Nicole Brown, her own person,” said friend Cora Fischman. “She started all over again.”

Nicole with Her Children

Nicole with Sydney and Justin; Photo:

Nicole Brown Simpson also got reacquainted with old friends, including Fischman; Cynthia (Cici) Shahian, a Beverly Hills friend; actress Robin Greer; Westside socialite Faye Resnick; and Kris Jenner (ex-wife of Caitlyn Jenner), among others.

Nicole would throw potluck dinners by candle light, tuck her kids into bed at night, recite the Lord’s Prayer with them in German, and then leave them with a sitter while she went out dancing.

“We’re all pretty cute,” laughed one fellow divorcee who developed a close bond with her. “When we went out to dance, we had to dance with each other to keep the wolves away.”

16. Nicole Brown Simpson Had a Few Lovers after Divorcing O.J.

It wasn’t just all fun with the girls. Nicole Brown Simpson had no trouble finding men. She wasn’t looking for a serious relationship, but she had more than a few lovers after divorcing O.J.

Nicole dated Keith Zlomsowitch, a restaurateur she met in Aspen, for around three weeks, most of April 1992.

It ended after O.J. drove past her house and saw Nicole and Zlomsowitch sitting together on the couch. They remained friends, though, and he was a pallbearer at Nicole’s funeral.

Nicole Brown Simpson enjoyed her single life, and had relationships with other men: an aspiring actor and a six-month romance with a law clerk she met in her divorce lawyer’s office.

17. Nicole and O.J. Fought Even after They Separated

Nicole Brown Simpson and O.J. had, according to their divorce agreement, the right to live free of any interference or harassment, but it didn’t work out that way.

One woman who knew Nicole while their kids went to the same private school remembers how, “Everybody was doing this happy {expletive} about how ‘nice’ O.J. was. But he had a ferocious temper. The physical abuse was pretty constant. Everybody knew about it. She was covered in bruises—and I am not trying to exaggerate this.”

The fighting didn’t stop when they separated.

“…he stayed in the big house and she moved to a house on Gretna Green Way. The cops were there nonstop. When she got the place on Bundy, the cops were called there too,” she added.

“At one school function, she was walking down a hallway and he came after her. He grabbed her so hard that she almost went down and Sydney {their daughter was holding Nicole’s hand} did go down. He was shouting at her… . It was one of the most frightening things I’ve ever seen.”

18. O.J. Watched Nicole Have Sex with Other Men

The intensely jealous and insecure O.J. took stalking to the extreme. He began to stalk Nicole Brown Simpson, or had other people follow her.

“He would plant people in our group that would call him and tell him where we’re going every night,” said Greer.

One night, in April 1992, Nicole and Keith Zlomsowitch went to the Roxbury, a nightclub in Los Angeles. Nicole saw O.J. there and decided they should leave and go back to her house.

“We go inside and we became romantic. We’re off in a private area in one of the living rooms, and the next day he came over and pushed in the back door and confronted both of us, but he wanted to talk to her alone,” said Zlomoswitch.

A loud fight ensued. After which, O.J. left and Nicole returned to Zlomoswitch.

“She was white as a ghost,” said Zlomsowitch.

“Oh my God, Keith, he watched us.”

According to another source, O.J. watched Nicole give Marcus Allen oral sex. He was nicknamed “driftwood” for the size of his manhood.

19. After Therapy, Nicole Wanted O.J. Back

In early 1993, about 18 months after leaving O.J., Nicole made an unlikely move—she tried to reconcile with O.J.

Nicole had begun seeing a therapist, a well-known counselor they heard about while vacationing in Aspen, who specialized in group therapy. A friend of Nicole’s said a number of them went for a couple months, but Nicole went for additional, intensive counseling, where she would go every day for a month. It set her back around $4,000.

When the intensive therapy was over, Nicole Brown Simpson announced that she wanted O.J. back.

Nicole actually called O.J., but he refused to take her call. Determined, she drove over to his mansion and knocked on the door. Dismissively, O.J. told her he was doing just fine without her. Dejected, Nicole left. When she got home, though, O.J. called to say he had changed his mind. He wanted to reconcile too.

They began seeing each other in March 1993. They took vacations together, and she was seen accompanying O.J. at celebrity gatherings. Nicole’s intentions may have been genuine, but nothing had changed with O.J. Before long, the same possessive, jealous, violent, obsessive, two-timing O.J. returned.

Nicole suspected O.J. was seeing other women and O.J. was jealous of the men Nicole previously dated.

On an October 25, 1993 911 tape, Nicole can be heard pleading, “He broke the back door down to get in. He’s f—— going nuts. . . . He’s going to beat the s— out of me.”

It’s important to note that O.J. was doing all of this while his two children were in an upstairs bedroom sleeping. In fact, O.J. rarely cared if his children were around while he beat Nicole Brown Simpson.

What precipitated this particular outbreak is not clear in the transcript. The only hint:

Dispatcher: Is he upset with something that you did?

Nicole: (Sobs) A long time ago. It always comes back.

It has been alleged, though, that Simpson had been looking through her photo albums and came across a picture of an ex-boyfriend. Friends said it was of Zlomsowitch.

Nicole put an end to their reconciliation. A week after her May 19 birthday, Nicole Brown Simpson, 35, returned the birthday gift O.J. had given her, a platinum bracelet studded with sapphires and rubies and diamonds—and told him that there would be no reconciliation.

“Nicole wanted to be free of him, she wanted to live her life with the children and raise them away from all this fiasco of the marriage,” said Rolf Baur, a first cousin who was raised by Nicole Simpson’s parents and whom Nicole and her sisters thought of as a brother.

“She wanted to have a happier, more peaceful life… This time it was different. She really meant it and he knew it.”

20. Nicole May Have Hooked up with Faye Resnick One Month before Her Murder

Of all the lovers Nicole had, the most unexpected hookup might be her alleged tryst with best female friend, Faye Resnick.  In her 1994 book, the Los Angeles socialite, and guest star of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, claims Nicole Brown Simpson was “falling in love” with her.

Nicole is alleged to have said, on more than one occasion, “I’ve never felt more spiritually connected to anyone, Faye.”

Faye Resnick

Faye Resnick; Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Virgin Unite

In May 1994, after a night of dancing and drinking, Nicole and Faye went back to Faye’s house. She poured two tequilas and the pair moved into her bedroom. Nicole went into the closet and pulled out a sexy nightgown and joined Faye, who was also wearing sexy negligee, on the bed.

Here, the two laughed and lounged, talking about everything and nothing.

“At one point, we were facing each other. Nic suddenly learned over and started kissing me,” she wrote. “…I thought, I’m going to let my feelings lead me, see how it goes.”

“It was wonderful being with her…I just felt like all the barriers were down between us.”

According to Faye, that night was the most profound spiritual connection she ever had with anyone. Until the two of them made love, Faye had never thought of having a romantic relationship with a woman.

That was the only time the two of them shared a sexual experience. It might have happened again, though, Resnick says. They just never had another chance. 

21. Nicole Wrote a Will One Month before She Was Murdered

May 8, 1994, Nicole Brown Simpson wrote a will where she resolved to permanently uncouple from O.J. She sent O.J. a video of their wedding and the birth of their first child along with a note saying she was severing all communication. Going forward, she wrote, any and all communication would have to go through his personal secretary.

A few days before she was murdered, Nicole put the pink stucco townhouse she shared with her two kids on the market.

22. On June 7, Nicole Visited the Sojourn Center for Battered Women

In the final days of her life, Nicole had finally taken the steps to break free. And the steps to find her identity. Her house was up for sale and she had broken all ties with O.J.

On June 7, 1994, less than a week before she was murdered, Nicole Brown Simpson went to Sojourn, a shelter for victims of domestic violence in Santa Monica. There, she told staff that O.J. was stalking her and she was afraid of what he would do next.

In a safety deposit box, Nicole Brown Simpson placed pictures of her bruised face, excerpts from her diary, and letters of apology from O.J. Against all odds, Nicole was hopeful the evidence would bring O.J. to justice if he ever took her life.

She was wrong.

23. Nicole Brown Held a Family Dinner the Day She Was Murdered

On June 11, 1994, the night before Nicole Brown Simpson died, O.J. attended a black-tie event with model Paula Barbieri; the two had dated right after the divorce. When Nicole found out she was thrilled. “She was happier than hell about it,” said a friend who spoke to Nicole the night she died.

The next day at their daughter’s dance recital, separated by three fold-up chairs, Nicole and O.J. barely made eye contact. Nicole made it clear that O.J. was not invited to a family dinner afterward.

The Brown Family

Nicole with Her Parents and Sisters in May 1994;

In less than six hours, Nicole Brown Simpson was dead.

24. Nicole’s Father & Sister Became Domestic Violence Advocates

In 1994, Nicole’s father Louis Brown and her sister Denise Brown founded the Nicole Brown Foundation. The now-defunct organization offered help to battered women, like Nicole.

Lou also co-authored a book on the subject, Stop Domestic Violence: An Action Plan for Saving Lives, published in 1997.

Lou passed away in 2014, at the age of 90, but his daughter Denise has continued the family’s mission against domestic violence.

Denise Brown

Denise Brown; Photo: Nancy Ostertag/Getty Images

A former model, Denise Brown is now a public speaker and advocate against domestic violence. She’s been active in attempting to change related laws in the country.

Brown launched an initiative called Elite Speakers Bureau in order to spread awareness about abuse, sexual assault, and other important social issues.

25. O.J. Was Ready to Admit to Killing Nicole Brown Simpson?

It has been alleged that O.J. Simpson was ready to confess to killing Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman back in 2008. Judith Regan, who published his co-authored book, If I Did It, moderated his infamous 2006 interview where he details how he would have hypothetically murdered Nicole Brown Simpson in 1994.

The actual interview didn’t air until March 2018 on Fox.

Judith Regan reveals she agreed to publish O.J.’s book. The original title was I Did It. O.J.’s lawyers said he was ready to confess, but only under specific circumstances. “He said he was willing to do it and the only condition that he had was that he didn’t wanna call the book I Did It,” Regan said.

O.J wanted to put an “if” in front of it “so that he would have deniability with his children,” she said. “He couldn’t face his children and he couldn’t tell them that he had done it. And that was the way it was portrayed to me. That was his only condition,” she continued.

That might explain why O.J. never made any effort to find out who really killed Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. Though, if history is any indicator, it seems unlikely he would have made any effort regardless.

Nicole Brown Simpson's Grave

Nicole Brown Simpson’s Grave; Photo: @db_brownie