New York Nanny Yoselyn Ortega Could See Life in Prison for Allegedly Murdering 2 Kids

Yoselyn Ortega, the “killer nanny,” may spend the rest of her life in prison for allegedly murdering two children in her charge.  

A former nanny could possibly spend the rest of her life behind bars. Yoselyn Ortega, age 55, is accused of stabbing two children to death five years ago on the Upper West Side of New York. The children of Marina and Kevin Krim were in Ortega’s care at the time.

The victims were Lucia Krim, who was six years of age at the time, and Leo Krim, who was two years old.

When the incident occurred, Ortega tried to take her own life as well, by slashing her throat.

The reason why there has been such a long trial process is that the court system was determining Ortega’s mental state. This was to ensure that she was mentally capable of standing trial. Now jury selection is underway for the Supreme Court trial, taking place in Manhattan.

It’s expected the judge and jury will hear from witnesses, the victims’ mother, Marina Krim, and professionals who have examined the mental health of Ortega.

Lucia and Leo Krim

Victims Lucia & Leo Krim; Photo:

On the Day of the Murders

Marina Krim took her third child Nessie for swimming lessons and left her other two children with the nanny, Ortega. When she returned to the apartment, she couldn’t find anyone at first and the rooms were dark. She went to the doorman, to ask if Ortego and the kids had left; he said they hadn’t.

Krim returned to the apartment and went through every room, until she got to the bathroom. The children were lifeless and lying in the bathtub in a pool of blood. Ortega was on the floor, with her wrists slashed. When Krim entered the bathroom, Ortego cut her own throat.

Krim screamed and her neighbors called the police.

Once the trial is complete, it is possible that Ortega will be sentenced to life in jail for her actions. She previously declined a 30-years-to-life prison term offered to her in return for pleading guilty to the two counts of murder.