New Mexico Armed Robberies: Violent Offenders Arrested after Thrilling Police Pursuit

Investigators have been on the lookout for Alejandro Silva and Jonathan Saiz for several armed robberies for a while now. Police rushed to the scene after a report of an armed robbery in Tijeras, New Mexico came in. One day later, they had both men in custody, awaiting their appearance in court.

It was just before noon on February 26, 2018 when Robert Gonzales was finishing up his shift at the Ten Points General Store in Tijeras, New Mexico, when a man in a gray jacket walked in. Gonzales remembered, “He walks in and says ‘Hey, do you know what time it is?’ I didn’t hear what he said the first time.” Gonzales didn’t know that he would soon be a victim of an armed robbery.

Police Respond Quickly

Sometime later that day, deputies were dispatched to the Ten Points General Store concerning an armed robbery. They already knew that the offenders were involved in multiple armed robberies in the East Area Command that day. However, by the time deputies arrived at the store, the offenders already fled from the scene.

Dangerous Offender Gets Away

Their vehicle was finally stopped in the Carnuel area, but one offender escaped on foot. Thirty-five-year-old Jonathan Saiz was immediately arrested. The other occupant, 32-year-old Alejandro Silva, was not found. He remained wanted in connection with multiple armed robberies.

Big Guns Arrive on the Scene

The police kept up the search and, on February 27, 2018, detectives located Silva at a residence near NM 333 and Alejandro Road. He barricaded himself in and refused to come out. Faced with a hostile situation, the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office SWAT, Crisis Negation Team, K9 Unit, and the New Mexico State Police SWAT responded to the scene.

Armed Robber Finally Taken into Custody

After a stand-off that lasted for several hours, Silva was taken into custody with help of the K9 Unit. According to the Sheriff’s office, he will be charged with armed robbery, carjacking, aggravated fleeing, and receiving/transferring a stolen vehicle. Saiz will be charged with armed robbery, attempt to commit a violent felony, and conspiracy. The Bernalillo Country Sheriff’s Office Violent Crimes Unit detectives have responded to this case, and the investigation is ongoing.