Nemoria Lynn Villagomez: Mother Arrested for Stabbing Her Child Multiple Times

Residents of Newport, Oregon are in shock as a local woman was arrested for stabbing her six-year-old son multiple times. This is the latest on  Nemoria Lynn Villagomez’s arrest, and the condition of her son.

Son Made It to a Neighbor

Details about the incident are still being revealed, but police are alleging that Nemoria Villagomez stabbed her son multiple times in her apartment on the evening of Saturday, May 26. The boy managed to get away, and made it to a neighbor’s home. The neighbors then called police at approximately 6:00 p.m.

Police arrived at Villagomez’s apartment where she was holding a young baby. She was taken in by police, and charged with assault in the first, second, and third degrees, as well as criminal mistreatment in the first degree.

Nemoria Lynn Villagomez is currently being held at Lincoln County Jail, with bail set at approximately $110,000.

Nemoria Villagomez

Nemoria Villagomez (Photo: Nemoria Villagomez/Facebook)

Where Are the Children Now?

The six-year-old boy was first taken to Newport Hospital but, due to his injuries, was then air-lifted to a hospital in Portland, Oregon. As of this writing, the child’s condition is unknown.

The baby found at the scene was also taken to Newport Hospital as a precaution. Police stated that the Department of Human Services will be investigating.

What We Know about Nemoria Lynn Villagomez

There isn’t much information available on Villagomez. According to her Facebook page, she is engaged to one Erin Tough, whom she lists as being in a relationship with since July 2016. She also has pictures of her children, though details of their father are unknown at this time.

Nemoria Villagomez with son

Nemoria Villagomez with son (Photo: Facebook)

At least two sources list Villagomez as being arrested on November 28, 2016 for assault. She apparently spent November 28 to December 16, 2016, in jail for the crime.