Negie Fallis Wiki: Did He Kidnap Now-Missing Ex-Girlfriend, Khadijah Britton, at Gunpoint?

Negie Fallis is the ex-boyfriend of missing woman Khadijah Britton. It’s alleged that on February 7, 2018, Fallis kidnapped Britton at gunpoint. She hasn’t been seen since. Who is Fallis, and what happened to Khadijah Britton? This Negie Fallis wiki looks at his behavior and violent past.

On February 7, 2018, 37-year-old Negie Tony Fallis IV, a member of the Round Valley Indian Tribes, allegedly ambushed his ex-girlfriend, 23-year-old Khadijah Britton, who was visiting a friend. Witnesses say Fallis and his new girlfriend, Antonia Bautista-Dalson, arrived unannounced, driving a black Mercedes sedan.

About Negie Fallis IV
Age40 Years
BirthJune 24, 1980 Round Valley Reservation, Covelo, CA
Weight160 lbs
NationalityNative American

Fallis got out of the car brandishing what was said to be a small Derringer pistol. After arguing for a short period of time, Fallis reportedly hit Khadijah, shoved her into his car, and then three drove off. She was never seen again.

Who Is Negie Fallis IV?

Don’t look for a silver lining, because there isn’t one. Negie Fallis is by all accounts an insecure, underachieving, and possessive individual, with a long history of abusing women emotionally, verbally, sexually, and physically.

Negie Fallis IV grew up in Covelo, a small community of approximately 1,200 people, located within the Round Indian Valley Reservation in the northwest corner of California. Fallis was born on June 24, 1980, to Melissa Britton, who was just 14 at the time.

Their cousin, DeeDee Hurt, lives in Covelo and grew up with Melissa. Hurt said the pair would spend weeks together in the summer, either in Round Valley or camping along the California coast.

After Melissa gave birth to Negie Fallis, Hurt would help watch the baby—something cousins do on the reservation, she said. She described the young Fallis as being “a quiet little boy, a good little boy.”

The quiet baby lived in what can only be described as a noisy, crowded house. Hurt said that Fallis has at least seven other siblings and half siblings.

There may be more, but that’s all Hurt knows of. It’s tough to know; his father, Negie Fallis III, was in and out of the family’s life for much of the younger Negie’s childhood. That doesn’t mean he was a ghost or off the grid, however. The distinguished-sounding Negie Fallis III has been charged some five times in Mendocino County for domestic violence cases.

Growing up, Negie Fallis spent his time between Mendocino County and Glenn County, where his family lived in the Grindstone Rancheria and Willows areas. There is not a lot of information about Fallis’ formative high school years, but staff at Round Valley Unified School District say he spent one year at Round Valley High School: his junior year in 1997-98. He earned a GPA of 2.04.

Negie Fallis Graduates from Quiet Baby to Convicted Felon

The apple certainly doesn’t fall far from the Fallis tree stump.

Negie Fallis may have grown up in a family environment when he was a child, but things changed after that.

In 2000, the Glenn County District Attorney’s office charged the 20-year-old Fallis with his first offense: a felony charge for manufacturing crystal meth. Meth is a big problem in Round Valley, but heroin is making inroads now.

Mendocino County Sheriff’s Lt. Shannon Barney, who, like Britton and Fallis, was born and raised in Covelo and is a member of one of the Round Valley tribes, said, “You have a high degree of substance abuse. It used to be alcohol, now the prevalent one is meth, and now it’s moving into heroin.

“All of those things factor into the (societal) breakdown. …You have an economically repressed area where more and more people turn to substance abuse to mask those problems in their lives.”

If true, Negie Fallis IV had a lot of problems in his life.

Twelve years later, in August 2012, Fallis was convicted of endangering the health of a child, possessing a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, and carrying a switchblade longer than two inches. Fallis was hit with a six-year sentence in state prison.

Negie Fallis

Negie Fallis; Photo: Facebook

Deplorable Living Conditions

For some reason, Negie Fallis thought it was a good idea that he raise four children as a single father. According to a 2012 report filed by Glenn County narcotic detectives, he wasn’t a good one.

In the report, they describe the “deplorable conditions” of the apartment in Willows where Fallis lived with his kids, ages seven months to eight years.

The bathroom had human feces smeared on the shower doors, while garbage, clothing, and human feces were found on the balcony. And in the bedrooms, detectives found dirty mattresses on the floor without sheets.

In Fallis’ bedroom, detectives found a glass pipe used for smoking crystal meth in one of the dresser drawers; it was found next to clothes for his young daughter. Investigators also noted that they found knives, glass meth pipes, and marijuana strewn throughout the apartment.

Negie Fallis told detectives that he was the children’s sole provider and smoked meth “every other day.”

Fallis’s four neglected children were placed in protective custody after he was arrested. A family member then took them back to Covelo.

In 2014, after spending just two years in the Deuel Vocational Institution in San Joaquin County, Fallis was released. He then returned to Mendocino County, where he met Khadijah Britton.

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Fallis Begins Dating Khadijah Britton

The vivacious and outgoing Khadijah Britton somehow got involved with Negie Fallis. No one is certain when they began dating, but it was a match made in hell.

Fallis took advantage of Khadijah’s caring nature, demanding that she take care of his four children. In addition to putting the kids to bed and picking them up from school, she was also responsible for doing the housework, laundry, and cooking.

The challenging life of living with a jealous, possessive, and abusive man took its toll on Britton’s self-esteem. Like Negie, Khadijah started using drugs.

“I could see that he changed her, yeah,” said Kayla Bettega, a friend of Khadijah’s since preschool. “She was still her same, happy self, but she was scared to get growled at if she did something wrong because he was so possessive.”

Throughout the winter of 2017, Khadijah’s relationship with Fallis continued to deteriorate. One day, while visiting her mom, Khadijah said she felt tired and beaten down. When asked if Negie Fallis was physically abusing her, Khadijah said “no.”

“I’d say, would he hit you? And she’d say, ‘No, Mommy, it’s nothing like that, Mommy,’” said her mom, Connie Hostler. “But I’ve been getting worried that he’d been doing stuff like that to her. I did try to get her over to a shelter in Redding, and she said, ‘Why are you trying to get rid of me, Mommy?’ I said, ‘I’m not, baby. I’m trying to keep you alive.’ She didn’t see that.”

Khadijah Britton

Khadijah Britton; Photo:

 Negie Fallis IV Assaults Khadijah Britton

Perhaps not surprisingly, Negie Fallis was, in fact, allegedly beating on Khadijah Britton. On January 29, 2018, Britton and Fallis had a fight; she fled and was picked up by a friend, who, in turn, took her to his grandmother’s house.

Angry and determined to not let anyone get the best of him, Negie Fallis tracked down Britton. According to the friend, Fallis pulled her out of the house and dragged her by the hair to his white Mustang. He then proceeded to punch the defenseless young woman in the face and kick her in the chest. It was then that he allegedly delivered a blow to Britton’s head with a hammer, and threatened to kill her. Which, judging by what he had just done, wasn’t a threat to be taken lightly.

While Fallis was distracted, Britton escaped and made her way to her father, Jerry Britton Jr.’s house. Her stepmother, Andrea Oliver, called police and Khadijah gave them a statement. The following day, Khadijah’s father took her to the tribe’s domestic violence center, where a counselor took pictures of the bruises and gash on her head.

They also drafted a restraining order against Negie Fallis.

Despite being pummeled with a hammer and threatened with death, Khadijah Britton remained in contact with Fallis, exchanging text messages.

Did Fallis Threaten Britton to Drop the Charges?

On February 7, 2018, Khadijah Britton went to the tribal police office and told them she wanted to drop any and all charges against Fallis.

When she left the police station, she was reportedly overheard telling Antonia Bautista-Dalson, 20, her twin sister, and their mother, “I did it, girls. I did it. I dropped the charges.” But why would Britton do that, and why were Bautista-Dalson and her family there?

Britton’s family now believes that Fallis threatened to harm Khadijah Britton’s younger brother if she followed through with the charges. If Fallis could assault and threaten Britton—his own girlfriend—with death, then who knows what he could do to her brother?

Three days later, on February 10, Britton’s stepmother filed a missing person’s report. Police, believing that Khadijah was not missing, told her family she was probably embarrassed by all the commotion she caused and was hiding out with Negie Fallis.

She wasn’t. Police finally issued a press release saying that Khadijah Britton was missing. It was then that a witness came forward to say what they had seen Fallis do to Britton.

Fallis Allegedly Kidnaps Britton at Gunpoint

According to the witness, Britton was with friends at a house on the edge of Covelo on the night of February 7, 2018. Once again, Fallis tracked her down. This time he showed up in a black Mercedes with his new girlfriend Bautista-Dalson behind the wheel.

Fallis told Britton that he wanted to speak to her. Shortly after leaving the house, Fallis confronted her, hitting his ex-girlfriend as he chased her around the car. He then grabbed her, and tossed her into the car. The three of them immediately drove off.

Khadijah Britton has not been seen since.

Negie Fallis Arrested

Negie Fallis was finally arrested on February 19, 2018. He was found hiding out at a home in Covelo and was eventually transferred to the Mendocino County Jail.

It was there that he was booked on charges for assault with a deadly weapon other than a firearm, kidnapping, inflicting corporal injury on a person with whom he was having a relationship, first-degree burglary, threats to commit a crime resulting in death or great bodily injury, and attempted murder.

Negie Fallis, who pleaded not guilty to felony counts of attempted murder, kidnapping, and assault with a deadly weapon, was held on $400,000 bail.

Police reports show this was the fourth time Fallis had been hit with domestic violence charges.

Negie Fallis

Negie Fallis; Photo: Facebook

Charges against Negie Fallis Reduced

Four months later, in June, police were unable to find Khadijah Britton, and Fallis wasn’t talking. Mendocino County officials dropped charges of felony kidnapping, attempted murder, and domestic violence. The remaining charges were reduced.

Khadijah Britton was the main witness in the alleged January assault and she was missing. Without a witness, police had to drop the charges—even though the last time anyone saw her alive was when she was kidnapped at gunpoint by the very person she accused of assaulting and threatening to kill her.

Incredibly, Negie Fallis was left with a single charge of being a felon in possession of a firearm. His bail was lowered from $400,000 to just $35,000. The man accused of assaulting and suspected of murdering Britton was free.

Fallis and Bautista-Dalton Plead No Contest

In October, Fallis and Bautista Dalton pleaded no contest to felony charges related to unlawfully possessing a firearm. Fallis, who faces up to four years in prison, is currently out on bail and is scheduled to be sentenced on December 4, 2018, at 9:00 a.m.

Are Those with Information Afraid of Negie Fallis?

The charges may have been dropped against Fallis, but they could be brought forward again. The investigation into the disappearance of Khadijah Britton is still ongoing. All investigators are looking for are solid leads. Because someone besides Negie Fallis and his girlfriend Antonia Bautista-Dalson knows what happened.

The Round Valley Indians Tribes Council 1 even issued a statement asking for anyone with information on the Khadijah Britton case to come forward, whether to tribal members, law enforcement, or Britton’s family.

“We keep hearing that people know things about what happened to her, but they don’t want to say—they’re scared and intimidated,” said James Russ, tribal president. “Our hope is that we as tribal leaders can lead by example and we are asking people to please come forward.

“There are people that do know what happened to her, or where’s she’s at,” he said. “The first step that we can do is just put it out there, and encourage our community members to please come forward.”

There is now an $85,000 reward for information leading to the discovery of Khadijah Britton. If you have information on her disappearance, contact the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Dispatch Center at 707-463-4086 or the Sheriff’s Anonymous Tip Line at 707-234-2100.