Nancy Turnage Swift: Nursing Supervisor Who Died in UAB Hospital Shooting

On Wednesday, March 14, 2018, Nancy Turnage Swift was shot and killed by gunman Trevis Coleman. But beyond being a victim and statistic, Nancy Swift was a person.

In this Nancy Turnage Swift wiki, we will fill you in on everything we know about the nursing supervisor.

Nancy Swift’s Family

At the time of the shooting, Nancy Turnage Swift was 63 years old. She was originally from Hatley, Mississippi, and married to a man named Tony Swift. The couple had at least one daughter named Angie Turnage Mitchell.

Nancy and Tony were active members of a Baptist church and living in Pelham, Alabama.

If there seems to be one consistent theme to the information coming out about Nancy, it was that nursing wasn’t just a job to her, it was a part of who she was. Her friend, Cindy Heron mentioned in an interview that “It wasn’t just a job, I think she lived to nurse.”

At the time of her death, Nancy worked as a nursing supervisor at UAB Highlands.

The Shooting

Trevis Coleman came in as a disgruntled employee to UAB Highlands and took his rage out on Nancy and 28-year-old Timothy Isley. Shortly after shooting them, Coleman turned the gun on himself. As of this writing, it is unknown if Nancy and Isley were specific targets or just targets of convenience.