Muslim Man Hacked to Death, Set on Fire in India

In New Delhi, India, a man was hacked at with a weapon until falling silent and then lit on fire all…and it was recorded and posted as a YouTube video. Yet another violent act as part of growing religious tension gripping parts of India.

The Murder of Mohammed Afrazul

Forty-eight-year-old Mohammed Afrazul’s body was found Wednesday morning on a street in Rajsamand, a city approximately 185 miles from the capital city of Jaipur.

Afrazul, who had been working in the area as a laborer, had been hacked with some sort of weapon and lit on fire.

Officials didn’t have to look far for the grisly details as a video had been posted to YouTube. It allegedly shows a man named Shambhu Lal carrying out the murder.

The video shows Lal hacking away at Afrazul until he went quiet. Soon after, Lal warns other Muslims that this is what they have in store for them if their “Love Jihad” continues. Lal pours fuel upon Afrazul and then sets it alight.

The video spread quickly across the nation and even around the world. While the video did allow authorities to quickly find and arrest Lal, they worry that his message may also have spread.

Love Jihad

Anti-Muslim violence has quickly more commonplace. One of the current conspiracies fueling the fires of hate is the “love jihad.” Essentially, a number of far-right Hindu practitioners believe that Muslims are trying to take over their world by romantically stealing their women and converting them to Islam.

While this is not the first hate crime to center around this conspiracy theory, it filled the headlines due to the sheer brutality of the crime and the viral nature of the video.

Activist and former bureaucrat Harsh Mander told the Indian office of Al Jazeera that:

“We have a political leadership now in the country that has created an environment which is permissive of acting out hate speeches and hate actions. Lynching of this kind is a growing phenomenon in many parts of the country,”

Hopefully, the arrest of Lal may help stem the tide of violence.