Family Found Dead in Apparent Murder-Suicide at Texas Resort

A Texas resort is now the scene of a horrible alleged murder-suicide. As news of the tragedy spreads, investigators are trying to piece together why this happened in the first place.

Police Responded to Gunshots Find Family Dead

The luxury San Luis Resort in Galveston, Texas seems like a perfect place to go on vacation with one’s family. But on January 8, it became the unlikely backdrop for an alleged murder-suicide.

Resort guests called police after hearing gunshots at approximately 4:30 a.m. Officers made their way to the eighth floor and entered a suite the door of which had been dead-bolted shut.

Inside, police found the dead bodies of 39-year-old Mauricio Morales and his five-year-old son. Morales’ wife, Flor de Maria Pineda, 37, and their oldest son, a 10-year-old, had been shot but were still alive.

Pineda and the 10-year-old were transported to the University of Texas Medical Branch, where they later died of their injuries.

What We Know and What We Don’t

Police have determined via forensic testing that Pineda shot her husband and two children and then turned the gun on herself. The gun is listed as being a 9 mm and was found next to Pineda in the hotel room.

Captain Joshua Schirard of the Galveston Police Department said, “My heart goes out to the rest of their family, their extended family, their community, and our community, the ones that don’t have the training to deal with this and have to be exposed to an event like this.”

While police currently have a working theory of how the family was killed, they still don’t have a motive. Before the family checked into the resort on January 7, there appeared to be no problems. Nothing in the room indicated there was a struggle.

Why would Pineda kill her entire family and then herself? Why would she choose to do this at the resort instead of at home? The police investigation into this mystery is ongoing.