Mother of 2 Reveals That She Was Arthur Ream’s Victim

Since a dig site near Macomb Township was revisited in the hopes of finding more of Arthur Ream’s victims, authorities requested other possible victims of the convicted murderer to come forward. Now, one woman, who wants to remain anonymous, claims that Ream raped her when she was 13.

According to sources, this Jane Doe, now 49, revealed that she was one of Arthur Ream’s victims. The possible serial killer was convicted of 13-year-old Cindy Zarzycki’s murder.

Now, police believe he may be connected to missing persons cases from nearly four decades ago.

Another Victim of Arthur Ream Speaks Out

A mother of two came forward claiming that she was sexually assaulted by Ream when she was 13 years old. She reportedly knew him for a long time before the incident and lived in the same Detroit metropolitan area.

She said that she saw him as a father figure and said, “He was like my second dad. I never thought he would hurt me.”

In the early ‘80s, Jane Doe revealed that Ream asked her to go with him to work at his Herbert Avenue carpet installation company. When at the store, she felt uneasy and instinctively thought about hiding. She expressed regret for not doing so.

Ream then led the then 13-year-old into the elevator, and they went up to an office with a mattress on the ground. During the attack, the victim said that Ream told her, “I’ve always wanted you since you were a baby.”

On her way back home, he allegedly threatened her and said, “If you tell anybody, I’m just going to tell them you came to me.”

Nonetheless, she told her mother, and they moved away without filing an incident report.

She said that the only other time she spoke of the assault was to detectives working on Cindy Zarzycki’s case. At the time, she claimed that Ream didn’t yet reveal where the 13-year-old’s body was buried.

Not wanting to tell anyone else, and hoping to be able to move on, Jane Doe didn’t tell anyone else about the attack. After experiencing moments of depression, she hopes that other victims will have the courage to come forward.

Did Arthur Ream Murder Other Girls?

Jane Doe believes that there are other victims and that Ream may have murdered more than just Cindy Zarzycki, who went missing in 1986. Decades after her funeral, Arthur Ream told police that her body was in a wooded area in Macomb Township.

At least four young women went missing in the Michigan area, all around the same time. Police believe that there could be up to six cases connected to Arthur Ream but have been unable to find a connection between the disappearances.

Victims of Arthur Ream

Cindy Zarzycki (top left), Kimberly Kind (top right), Kim Larrow (bottom left), Kellie Brownlee (bottom right)

Nadine O’Dell, Kimberley King, Kim Larrow, and Kellie Brownlee are four of the missing women who fit the timeline. They all disappeared between 1974 and 1982.

An excavation into the same wooded area where Cindy Zarzycki’s body was found began in early May 2018. However, no other bodies were discovered.

Police hope that, if more victims like Jane Doe speak out, they will be able to determine if Arthur Ream is actually a serial killer.