Shooting Reported at Morgan State University Student Housing: Latest Updates

Baltimore police and Morgan State University police are investigating reports of shots fired off-campus on April 2, 2018. The shooting was reported in an off-campus student housing. Read more about this incident here.

Shots Fired Off-Campus at Morgan State

Authorities in Baltimore, Maryland and Morgan State University are investigating a shooting that reportedly occurred off-campus.

Around 9:30 p.m. local time, officers responded to reports of shots being fired in Morgan View Apartments. The apartment building in 1500 block of Pentridge Road is reportedly an off-campus student housing.

According to reports, living there could cost between $890 and $1,122 every month. It boasts a location close to the college, privacy, and every amenity a student would need.

Initial reports claimed that one victim was injured. However, there is no confirmation if any students suffered gunshot wounds. Police haven’t found a victim or suspect at this point. 

The area around Morgan View Apartments has seen heavy police presence since the shooting was reported. Investigators are currently looking into the incident.

Police confirmed that officers responded to reports of a shooting in the area. Witnesses claimed that they heard gunshots on Monday evening.

“I came here to play 2K, we were out here playing, next thing you know shots got fired and that’s when the police got called,” said a student.

Despite the lack of signs indicating a shooting, witnesses are positive gunshots were heard. The incident also raised alarm among students living in the area. Many residents took to Twitter to express their safety concerns, and are hoping the shooter is caught.

More details on this incident are awaited while the investigation is ongoing.