Monday Night Shooting at Stuttgart Confirmed by Police

A shooting investigation is underway in Stuttgart, Arkansas after officials bagged evidence from the scene. The shooter is still at large, and the exact numbers of victims or casualties are unknown, but officials are working to get to the bottom of it.

Arkansas has seen a  lot of tragedies recently, with arson and theft in Russellville, and now a shooting in Stuttgart. An Arkansas County street was laced with investigating officers trying to understand the gravity of the situation. 

The Stuttgart, Arkansas police confirmed that there was a shooting on Monday (March 5) night on the intersection of N.Lowe St and W. McKinley Street

The details are currently being investigated, with more than 14 evidence markings found at the crime scene. Over a dozen law-enforcement cars crowded the scene while attempting to determine what actually happened.

The number of victims is still unknown. Officials were quick to come to the scene and already in the middle of an investigation when the press arrived.

Reports about the incident came out as soon as officials began marking evidence. They were later put into baggies, but whether there were bullet casings that could possibly lead to a suspect being identified remains unclear.

This is currently a developing story with more details to surface as the investigation continues.