Missouri Man Charged with Killing Couple and 17-Month-Old Toddler

A Missouri native was charged with three murders on Monday, January 29. Among the victims was a 17-month-old toddler, the daughter of the couple that was also killed.

Missouri has been rocked by news about the killing of a toddler and her parents in Wayne and Butler Counties on Monday.  A man named Drew Atchison is the suspect charged with the killings.

Man Held for Triple Homicide

Drew Atchison, a native of Williamsville, Missouri, was charged with three counts of felony murder in the first degree. The 24-year-old is also charged with three counts of felony armed criminal action, felony child kidnapping, and felony tampering in the first degree.

The victims are 23-year-old Samara Fontaine Kitts, 24-year-old Harley Michael Million, and their daughter, 17-month-old Willa Fontaine Million. The couple was not married, but they were together for eight years. Charges were filed in Wayne County.

According to official reports, Wayne County sheriff deputies responded to a home on Cemetery Road in Williamsville on January 26. They found Harley Million’s car with traces of blood inside. On January 28, the three residents were reported missing. Further investigation of the home indicated a possible homicide.

Drew Atchison’s Confession

When interviewed by authorities, Atchison reportedly confessed to killing the family. He admitted he was in the Million home on January 25.

Allegedly, he fatally stabbed the young parents and placed the bodies in Million’s truck. He went back inside to lock the child in a room so she wouldn’t get out. Willa was locked in the room with dogs the entire night.

Atchison returned to the Million home the next day to get rid of the evidence. According to reports, he kidnapped the toddler and took her to a neighboring county. There he disposed of the knife he’d allegedly used to kill the couple in the woods. He hid Harley and Samara’s bodies under blankets and trash.

After getting rid of the evidence, Atchison allegedly took the baby out of the truck and shot her. He reportedly buried Willa’s body under the blankets and trash where her parents were.

He further got rid of the vehicle registration in the river and drove the truck back to the Million residence. He parked the vehicle in the carport and allegedly tried to hide it by placing tarps on the front and rear of the truck.

Relatives of the deceased reported them missing when they were unable to contact the couple for a few days.

Court documents don’t list a motive and autopsies are pending.

The family of the victims issued the following statement on the deaths. “They were a loving family and amazing parents to Willa… They both have large families who love them very much and a large circle of life-long friends.”