Missing Teen Tyarra Williams’ 2018 Update

Tyarra Williams went missing in January 2016, at the age of 19. The circumstances surrounding her disappearance make it a mystery that her family just won’t give up on solving. What happened to Tyarra Williams? Where is she? Who is she? Here’s a 2018 update on the Tyarra Williams missing person case. 

The story of Tyarra Williams is laced with mystery and alarm, as the circumstances in which she disappeared are not ordinary. Her mother, Danielle Williams, has been looking for her daughter since that fateful day in 2016, but she still has many unanswered questions. 

Who Is Tyarra Williams?

Tyarra Cacique Williams was born on June 18, 1996. She lived in Stoneybrook Apartments, North Carolina, with her family, including a younger brother.

She went to Dudley High School, in Greensboro, North Carolina, from which she graduated in 2014.

Help Find Tyarra Cacique Williams

Photo: Help Find Tyarra Cacique Williams/Facebook.com

Williams had aspirations of doing well for herself and her family. She was a witty and smart girl, who had a bright future ahead of her. She hoped to study early childhood development.

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Then-19-year-old Tyarra Williams was all set to go to Guilford Technical Community College in North Carolina.

Williams would be 22 now.

Willams Vanishes in January 2016

On January 7, 2016, Williams and her family had just finished taking down the Christmas tree. It was that same day when she vanished. 

She and her mother were going to have a shopping date the next day, where they planned on buying Williams textbooks and a laptop.

Tyarra Williams is described as an African-American female, standing at 5’5″, and weighing 120 pounds. She has brown hair and eyes.

She was last known to be wearing a blue knit cap, pink shirt, black North Face jacket, and dark blue Levis.

Tyarra Williams Missing Poster

Where Was Tyarra Williams Last Seen?

On the day of her disappearance, Williams was seen walking in the apartment parking lot with her brother and boyfriend in Greensboro, North Carolina.

After an initial investigation, it was discovered that Williams told her brother and boyfriend that she was going to visit a friend, who lived in the same complex, and that she would be back in an hour.

“She did see that friend and then headed back to the complex, but what happened after that we have no idea. She was on foot and had nothing with her, so where could she go?” Danielle Williams later said in an interview.

Tyarra Williams had a cell phone with her, and the GPS tracked her whereabouts. It showed that she made it to her friend’s place, but the device stopped working when she should have been on her way home. 

Police think that the phone might have died, or someone deliberately switched it off.

Considering the sensitivity of the case, no further information was released. But authorities did mention that her phone’s mailbox was full, after all calls went directly to her voicemail.

Tyarra Williams Brother

Tyarra Williams with her brother; Photo: Facebook/Cannon Dawkins

Investigation into Williams’ Disappearance Ongoing

Since the incident, thousands of people have sent their thoughts and prayers to the Williams family. There are many web sites, Facebook pages, blogs, and social media accounts set up in her name to help find her.

The Facebook page “Help Find Tyarra Cacique Williams” has over 14,000 followers, and over 13,000 likes.

YouTube users from around the world have also made videos of Williams and her disappearance, with the hope that more information about her whereabouts can be discovered.

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The girl’s strange disappearance led to a lot of speculation, but so far it’s nothing more than theories. 

Authorities said that Williams went missing under strange circumstances, but they are not giving up. Along with Danielle Williams, the Greensboro Police Department has requested that anyone who possibly has information about Tyarra Williams come forward.

Despite every effort, the case is still unsolved, and there is no new information available to the public at the moment.

Though some have speculated that, after being missing over two years, Tyarra Williams may turn up dead, those involved in the case are continuing their search in the hopes that some new information will be found.

Danielle Williams has not given up on finding her daughter. 

Tyarra Williams Profiled on “Disappeared”

The case of missing woman Tyarra Williams has been profiled on documentary series Disappeared, which airs on the Investigation Discovery network. 

On the episode, titled “The Vanishing Hour,” Williams’ grandfather is seen embarking on a cross-country search for his granddaughter. Doing his own investigation, the show soon focuses on him, and his efforts to find the missing woman.

Tyarra Williams

Photo: https://www.facebook.com/Help-Find-Tyarra-Cacique-Williams-1121733044533558/