Missing Uber and Lyft Driver, Joshua Thiede, Found Alive after a Week

Joshua Thiede had been missing for a week when he was found by his friends, according to reports. The Uber driver was last seen leaving his Los Angeles apartment on February 11. His whereabouts for the week during which he disappeared haven’t been revealed yet, but his friends say he’s alive. Find out about Joshua Thiede here.

Rideshare Driver Goes Missing

Joshua Thiede, 29, lives in an apartment in Los Angeles with two roommates. He works as a driver for rideshare services Lyft and Uber to supplement his income. His mother said he has been working on his own brand of organic shoes.

He was last seen driving out of his home on February 11 at 11:30 a.m. Since then, his family wasn’t able to reach him. His mother, Janet Thiede, said it’s unusual for him to not contact anyone.

Janet is a realtor based in Ohio. Thiede has a sister, Melissa Sibert, who is a makeup and hair artist.

He had a Lyft fare the day he went missing. However, it’s not known if that is connected to his disappearance in any way.

Janet said his phone records show he, or someone using his phone, called 911 at around 2:30 p.m. the next day. Whoever made the call didn’t say anything and hung up.

After seeing his phone records, Janet went to the police to locate her son. The LAPD was involved in the search for Joshua.

According to reports, they traced his phone to Venice Boulevard and Burlington Avenue, but it is no longer active.

Authorities found his 2014 black Nissan Altima sedan in an area in Koreatown on February 19. A resident in the area spotted the car with a parking ticket. The person reported it to the authorities saying the vehicle had been in the same spot for some time.

It was later found that the vehicle belonged to Thiede. His cell phone was not found in the car.

His cellphone was found in the Pico-Union neighborhood not far from Thiede’s apartment. It had gone dead or had been turned off after making the 911 hangup call the day after he was last seen.

The search for Joshua intensified a few days after he went missing. His friends and family handed out fliers asking the public for help in finding the missing driver.

They took to social media for any information on Joshua. While a relative sought help from Reddit users, Janet created the #WhereisJoshThiede hashtag on Twitter for any information on him.

After much despair, Thiede was found in a Los Angeles area hospital on Monday night. Details about his condition are not known, but reports say he is alive.

Authorities haven’t revealed how exactly Thiede was found and what happened in the week he had been missing. More details on Joshua Thiede’s condition are awaited.