Missing Model Adea Shabani’s Body Found in Shallow Grave in North California

Adea Shabani, a Macedonian model and aspiring actress, went missing in Los Angeles back in February. After a search that went on for weeks, authorities unearthed remains from a shallow grave. Police believe that the remains are of Adea Shabani. Here’s what you need to know about the missing model.

Model Believed to be Deceased

Adea Shabani, 25, went missing on February 23, 2018, and reports of her disappearance broke on March 2, 2018. Her friends grew concerned when they couldn’t get in touch with her for days.

Shabani lived in Los Angeles for the last two years. According to the LAPD, she was last seen leaving her home on 1700 block of Wilcox Avenue.

The expansive search for Shabani led police to a shallow grave in northern California on March 27. They unearthed badly decomposed human remains from the grave.

“At this point in time we believe that those remains are the body of Miss Adea Shabani,” an LAPD spokesperson said. Police are looking at this as a homicide.

Because of the condition of the remains, authorities haven’t positively identified the body as Shabani’s. The remains won’t be conclusively identified until the coroner performs an autopsy on Wednesday.

Police Suspect Foul Play

With the discovery of the remains, police are suspecting Shabani’s disappearance and death ties to her boyfriend, Christopher Spotz, 33.

Investigators were suspicious about Spotz, and believe he had something to do with Shabani’s death. However, Spotz shot himself on March 22 during a police pursuit. Police were looking for him so they could examine his vehicle for possible clues. When they spotted him in Tacoma, he fled. The chase led him to Corona, Riverside County where he shot himself.

Spotz was also an aspiring actor. Though he had an intimate relationship with Shabani, he was reportedly engaged to another person. He is said to have returned to California earlier this month, after spending time with his fiancée in Colorado.

Spotz’s attonery told investigators that his client and Shabani had gotten into an argument on February 23. The argument ended with Spotz dropping Shabani off around Santa Clarita. He claimed that it was the last time he saw her.

But with no evidence to corroborate the claims, investigators doubted Spotz. Police are examining his pickup truck and a rental car he used.

Captain William P. Hayes of the LAPD said, “We also believe that … Christopher Spotz was somehow involved in her death and we believe this to be a homicide, however, until the conclusion of the autopsy and our ability to examine the evidence related to the recovery of that evidence we won’t be able to determine that definitively.”