Mike Halbach Wiki: Why People Are Suspicious of Teresa Halbach’s Brother

Making a Murderer: Part 2 continues to examine the case against Steven Avery and his nephew Brendan Dassey in the murder of Teresa Halbach. However, some conspiracy theorists are pointing the finger at Halbach’s own brother, Mike. This Mike Halbach wiki examines whether he could have had anything to do with the disappearance and slaying of his sister.

Making a Murderer, a Netflix original series, is centered around the rape and murder of 25-year-old Teresa Halbach. The Wisconsin photographer disappeared on October 31, 2005. Her last-known whereabouts were Avery’s ranch, where she was hired to photograph a vehicle to be sold on the Auto Trader web site.

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Throughout the ensuing trial, which was prominently featured in the popular docu-series, prosecutors presented a seemingly airtight case against Avery and Dassey. Both men were eventually convicted of murder.

But conspiracy theorists, along with famed no-nonsense lawyer Kathleen Zellner, aren’t entirely convinced that Avery and Dassey are guilty. In fact, many people believe that the trial was mismanaged by the prosecution and there are a lot of holes in the initial investigation that require further evaluation.

Some people are under the impression that Mike Halbach, Teresa’s younger brother, might have been involved in her murder and that he knows more than he’s divulged in his testimonials and police interviews.

Keep reading our Mike Halbach wiki to learn everything you need to know about his possible involvement in the events that led up to his sister’s untimely death.

Teresa Halbach with brother Mike Halbach

Teresa Halbach with brother Mike Halbach; Photo: https://www.facebook.com/mike.halbach

Who Is Mike Halbach?

Mike Halbach was born in Wisconsin to Richard and Karen Halbach. He is one of five Halbach siblings, including Teresa, older brother Tim, and two more sisters named Katie and Kelly.

The same year that his sister was murdered, Mike graduated from the University of Wisconsin at Green Bay. This was Teresa’s alma mater and she’d graduated with honors after her time there.

Mike obtained a degree in communication processes. According to his LinkedIn profile, he currently works as a director of football technology for the Green Bay Packers.

The 35-year-old and his wife, Stephanie Halbach, have four kids together: three boys and one girl.

There isn’t much information available about Mike’s personal life as he isn’t very active on social media. His lack of a social media presence, coupled with his awkward, stoic public appearances, only seem to be further fanning the flames of conspiracy theorists who are suspicious of him.

In light of the unwanted attention his family has been receiving from the media, online pseudo-sleuths, and invasive fans of the show, it makes sense for Mike to keep a low profile.

There are currently two Twitter accounts linked to Mike Halbach, one of which appears to be a parody account created by a fan of the show using one of Mike’s high school pictures. The other one appears to be his official account, but it doesn’t have any tweets or interactions on it.

Mike Halbach at the Trial

In 2007, Mike Halbach testified in Avery’s murder trial, making two court appearances on February 12 and March 7.

During the course of the trial, Mike was forced to take on the de facto role of the Halbach family’s spokesperson. Understandably, the rest of the family was too distraught to deal with the local media frenzy around the case at the time.

None of the Halbachs, including Mike, agreed to participate in the documentary as this would serve to reopen old wounds.

All the footage that depicts members of the Halbach family in Making a Murderer was derived from the trial recordings and media appearances during which the documentarians were present.

During his testimony, Mike admitted that he’d accessed his sister’s voicemail using her password on November 3, 2005. He said he wanted to know more about where she’d been.

“I had a feeling that I might know her voicemail password,” Mike said. He told the court that he listened to all the messages but didn’t “believe [he had] erased any messages.”

Does Mike Halbach Seem Suspicious?

One aspect of Making a Murderer that really has fans of the show talking consists of the brief but jarring appearances that Mike makes throughout the series.

Even though he never explicitly agreed to be part of the show, the documentarians were able to include bits and pieces of footage. This includes footage from press conferences they attended in which Mike answered questions from journalists and media representatives.

Mike comes off as emotionless, cagey, and even nervous as he discusses the details of his sister’s murder. His demeanor has sparked a lot of suspicion of a cover-up and in-depth analysis on social media sites like Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook.

Some conspiracy theorists have speculated that Mike might have helped Ryan Hillegas, Teresa’s apparently jealous and overbearing on-again, off-again boyfriend, cover up the murder. Reportedly, Hillegas was extremely jealous that she’d had sexual relationships with other men following their breakup.

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An Awkward Interview with Mike Halbach, Hillegas

After Teresa’s Toyota “RAV4” was found on Avery’s property by her second cousin, Pam Strum, on November 5, 2005, Mike and Hillegas were both interviewed by the local media.

The interview came off as awkward. Not only did it seem as if both Mike and Hillegas had a hard time answering some of the simplest questions, but they were both stuttering and seemed unsure of their replies.

Also, their positioning on the screen is jarring to watch with the camera focusing on Hillegas’ profile and Mike shooting him multiple glances.

It’s hard to tell whether this can be chalked up to both men still being in a state of shock and despair over Teresa’s disappearanceor if they have something to hide, as people have speculated. A lot of fan theories online tend to lean toward the latter explanation.

Mike Halbach Listened to Teresa’s Voicemail Messages

As mentioned previously, Mike Halbach was called into court to give testimony on voicemails he’d accessed from Teresa’s phone.

Steven Avery’s attorney, Jerome Buting, had made the following claim during an earlier court session:

“Somebody with a password listened to [Teresa’s] phone messages, and yet no steps were taken, no other references… I’m not saying it’s her brother, I don’t know who it is.”

On March 7, 2007, Mike appeared in court to clear up the confusion over Teresa’s phone records, admitting that he was the one who’d listened to her voicemails.

Mike Halbach Testifies in March 2007; Photo: YouTube

When questioned about how he’d been able to gain access to her messages, Mike very calmly stated that he’d listened to his sister’s voicemails on November 3, 2005 after speaking to his mother on the phone.

In his testimony, Mike Halbach said that he’d guessed “her password that included her birthday, the month and day, and that was successful in getting into her voicemail.”

The prosecutor then reiterated, “She used her birthday as her password?” Mike reaffirmed this.

When asked if he remembered how many messages were stored in Teresa’s voicemail account, Mike answered without hesitation, “I know that there were 18.”

Mike went on to say: “What was important to me was that I knew that the first new voicemail message was from Monday afternoon [the day of Teresa’s murder] sometime, so after hearing that, I was, you know, extremely worried just because [Teresa] checks her voicemail a number of times every day.”

Until that point, Avery’s attorney had argued vehemently in court that there was no way his client could have possibly accessed Teresa’s voicemail because he didn’t know the password. However, there was clear evidence that the voicemail messages had been listened to by someone else.

Whether this was a well-intentioned act meant to find further clues about Teresa’s fate is unknown, but the fact that Mike seemed oddly unfazed on the witness stand is a little strange.