Michelle Mayer Allegedly Injected Meth and Let Men Abuse Kids in Exchange for Meth and Money

Michelle Mayer from Wisconsin is accused of allowing men to sexually assault two children in exchange for drugs. The abuse reportedly went on for almost a decade. She also allegedly injected the kids with meth. This case is under investigation and could send Mayer to jail for a long time.

Michelle Mayer Facing Sexual Assault Charges

Michelle Mayer, 39, from Eau Clair, Wisconsin, allegedly trafficked two young children in exchange for drugs. The abuse, which reportedly went on for nine years, occurred in Mayer’s mother’s home.

According to reports, Mayer let different men into her mother’s house and allowed them to both physically and sexually assault two children, aged six and nine. The abuse reportedly happened “every other day.” The owner of the house allegedly had no idea about the assaults until 2017.

The men would pay Mayer with money, or drugs like meth and cocaine.

Mayer reportedly allowed the men to photograph the children naked. The children were forced to perform sexual acts with the men and Mayer was allegedly present as the assault happened.

A confidential informant, who chose to remain anonymous, told authorities that Mayer injected meth in the children’s arms to keep them awake. They were reportedly injected over 100 times.

If the children protested, Mayer allegedly hit them. The informant said there was at least one instance where she beat the kids with a baseball bat.

She’s Facing 80 Years behind Bars

According to investigators, the Department of Health Services received numerous complaints of Mayer “maltreating” children. She is charged with two counts of repeated sexual assault of a child, and party to a crime. If convicted, she faces up to 80 years in prison.

Police are now investigating the men who sexually assaulted the children. The informant didn’t name the men who paid Mayer. These assaulters were reportedly referred as “uncles” or went by street names like “Dollar, Junior, Bam Bam and Pinky.”

The children have not been identified. Officer Bridget Coit with Eau Claire Police said that such sexual assault cases are difficult to investigate for a number of factors.

Nevertheless, the children were removed from Mayer’s care, and a safety plan is place for them.

Who Is Michelle Mayer?

According to reports, Mayer is a mother but there’s no information on her children. She had limited activity on Facebook and hasn’t posted anything since February 5.

Judging from her posts, she was mourning the loss of someone close. It also appears that she went through a bitter breakup. Some of her posts are also related to drugs.

Since reports broke about her trafficking children, Facebook users have flooded her page with hate messages. Even her friends expressed disgust at her act, as well as sympathy for the victims and Mayer’s children.