Michael Sarnie’s Wiki: The Man Arrested for Hacking into Snapchat Accounts of Teenage Girls

Michael Sarnie of Windham, New Hampshire, had hacked into several girls’ Snapchat accounts and posted their photos on the Internet. His crime came to light when one of the victims saw her photo on a site she had not placed it on. She contacted the Windham police, and after an investigation, Sarnie was arrested for the alleged crime. Sarnie has formal education in computers and used his skills in hacking these victims’ accounts. He faces several charges for his alleged crime.

Police in Windham, New Hampshire, have arrested a local man accused of hacking into the Snapchat accounts of teenage girls and posting them on the Internet. The police have said that the victims were under the impression that their photos would vanish from the smartphone app but instead, the photos appeared online. The man accused, Michael Sarnie, stole Snapchat photos of the young women living in Windham and posted them on the Internet where they could be accessed by all. We bring you some details from Michael Sarnie’s wiki.

Formal Education in Computers

Michael Sarnie has completed his Associate of Science degree in computer engineering technology from the New Hampshire Technical Institute at Windham, New Hampshire, USA. Sarnie is adept at several computer languages and circuit theory. His skills at computers are responsible for the Snapchat hack which has landed Sarnie in trouble with the law now.

Victim Contacted the Police

Sarnie, now 21 years old, is facing seven counts of misuse of a computer or network and nine counts of identity frauds according to Capt. Mike Caron of the Windham police. The cybercrime came to light when one of the victims saw her photo on a site where she had not posted it and went to the police. Sgt. Bryan Smith of the Windham police said “She recognized the account had been logged into somewhere that she was not. You can geo-track where your account is logged into.”

Victims Could Have Been Minors

The police have said that all the victims are over 18 years of age now but could very well have been minors when their Snapchat accounts were hacked by Sarnie. The police have not yet revealed how Sarnie allegedly got into the teenage girls’ Snapchat accounts or what type of photos were stolen. The police are warning people to think hard before they post any material online.

Police Advice the Public

Smith said “You need to be very aware – no matter what your age – be aware of what you put out there in social media. Once it’s out there, it’s out there forever.” Police have also given people the advice that they should check all their apps to ensure that the date and time of log-ins match their activity.