Bodies of Six Men Discovered Hanging from Three Different Bridges in Mexico

Horror struck Mexico on Wednesday, as the bodies of six men were discovered suspended from three different bridges near the popular Mexican tourist resort of Los Cabos on the Baja California Peninsula. Below are some details on the case.

Drug cartels and mafias have become very common in Mexico in recent years. However, the residents of Mexico are often still shaken up when a person is killed by a drug gang. Something similar appears to have happened on Wednesday, when the dead bodies of six men were found suspended from three bridges. The bodies were hanging above major highways near Mexico’s Los Cabos resort area on the Baja California Sur peninsula.

Multiple Crime Scenes

Police officers didn’t provide any details on exactly what happened to the six victims. However, drug mafias are reportedly famous for displaying their murdered victims in public to scare their rivals.

According to sources, two bodies were initially discovered hanging on a bridge in Las Veredas, located near Los Cabos International Airport.

Apparently, two other bodies were discovered on a different bridge on the highway between Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo. Another statement released by the authorities claims that two more bodies were discovered on a third bridge near the airport.

Note Left with Bodies

Reportedly, narcomantas, or narco gang signs, were found with the bodies, indicating that the murder was allegedly the work of the Guzmanes and Tegoripeños gang. There was also a note, which allegedly read: “You a**holes didn’t believe it. This is what will happen to anyone who does not fall into line with us. It has been made more than clear that we hold all the power and that Baja north and south are ours. Hahahaha.”

Carlos Mendoza Davis, who is the governor of the state of Baja California Sur, has said that the authorities are still investigating the matter. He wrote via Twitter, “I condemn these acts and any expression of violence. Today more than ever in #BCS we should be reunited.”