Matthew Milby: Everything to Know about the Dixon High School Shooter

Matthew Milby was charged with opening fire at a high school in Dixon, Illinois. The 19-year-old former Dixon High School student reportedly fired shots in the gym, after which he went outside, where he exchanged gunfire with the school’s resource officer, Mark Dallas, and was injured.

Julie Milby, the reported shooter’s mother, said that her son was “very sad for a long time,” and was bullied. She is grateful to Dallas, someone she grew up with, for not killing her son in the shootout.

Matthew Milby was a Former Dixon High School Student 

The accused teenager was a former student of Dixon High School. The recently expelled student was on the school’s track and football teams.

Milby’s mother said that he was about to graduate with the rest of the senior class. She also revealed that her son was taken off the football team after he was caught smoking marijuana.

Milby Fired Shots at the School’s Resource Officer

On the morning of Wednesday, May 16, just after 8:00 a.m., Matthew Milby entered the school premises with a gun. Senior students had a graduation dress rehearsal in the gym when shots were fired.

Mark Dallas, Dixon High School’s resource officer, immediately responded.

One student explained that, in one minute, people went from laughing and enjoying their day to being worried for their lives.

Another student, Kylie Shaw, said, “All of a sudden out of nowhere you just hear pop pop pop!”

She added that when they realized the sounds were gunfire and not a senior prank, “everyone was sprinting in all different directions.” Some students fled to a pharmacy across the street.

The shooter then left the gym and shots were heard in the hallway. Officer Dallas was quick to respond and was reportedly chasing Milby out of the gym. The two exchanged gunfire, and Milby was soon injured and apprehended.

No other injuries were reported.

By 9:14 a.m., the students were taken to the Armory next door, and were bused to the Al Morrison Baseball field nearby, where they were reunited with their parents.

Dixon Police Officer Mark Dallas

Dixon School Resource Officer Mark Dallas (Photo: DixonPolice/

Milby Was Taken to Hospital for Treatment

Matthew Milby was rushed to a local hospital after the incident. He sustained a gunshot to his upper shoulder and will reportedly recover.

He will remain in the hospital before going to Lee County Jail.

Milby is being held on a $2.0 million bond and faces three charges of aggravated discharge of a firearm. The current charges he faces are Class X felonies and carry a sentence of at least six to 30 years behind bars if convicted. Police also say he could still be facing more charges.

Friend Says Milby Was Not Evil

A former friend of the suspected shooter, Brandon Stehl, told the media that Milby was not “evil.” He said that Milby “never had any motives for shooting.” Stehl also mentioned that Milby “was never bullied, and never bullied others.”

This statement seemed to contradict what Julie Milby believed of her son. She said that her son was once bullied and beaten so much that he suffered a broken jaw.

“What was hurtful was and what this all led to was ostracization,” she told the press.

Matthew Milby was previously charged with marijuana possession and arrested for criminal trespass to railroad property.

As their investigation continues, Lee County Police believe there is no further threat.