Marcia Eubank Allegedly Murdered Husband, Lived with Body for Months

A woman is being held on a $1.0-million bond in Ohio in a murder charge. She has been ordered to undergo a mental assessment after police found what they believe to be her husband’s remains in their home. Authorities said Marcia Eubank, 49, had been living with the dismembered body for at least five months.

The Basics of Marcia Eubank’s Murder Charge

Marcia Eubank was arrested on December 9 after her adult son notified the police. The son, whose name has not been published, noticed a horrible odor emanating from some plastic containers located in the first-floor office/bedroom and basement of his parents’ Coventry Township, Ohio home. He also saw maggots crawling near the containers.

The son then confronted his mother about what he had found via text message. Eubank told him to call the police.

The son reportedly told a 911 operator, “”I just found out my mom killed my dad and I found the pieces of his body in the house.”

Authorities quickly located Eubank in a Walmart parking lot and arrested her. She has been charged with the murder of Howard Eubank, 54.

Howard Eubank’s Murder; What Happened?

The Eubanks allegedly got involved in an argument or domestic incident in June 2017. At some point during this argument, police suspect that Marcia Eubank killed her husband by shooting him.

After he was killed, police allege that Eubank proceeded to dismember the corpse using electric knives and power tools. Some of the pieces were transferred to plastic containers.

It’s also alleged that Eubank took to texting her husband’s friends, family, and co-workers to keep up the illusion that he was still alive. According to police, in at least one of these fake texts, Eubank told people (as Howard) that Howard had moved to Texas.

Investigators have told reporters that Eubank seemed to be relieved when she was arrested. Given the nature of the crime and the desecration of the body, more charges may be forthcoming.