Man Shot While on Facebook Live: Prentis Robinson’s Video Shows His Tragic Death

On Monday, a man was shot while on Facebook Live. In his live stream, the victim was seen walking near a North Carolina college campus. More details on the case are given below.

55-year-old Prentis Robinson was walking down the street using Facebook Live. He was shot when only one block away from police headquarters. His tragic death was recorded on the live stream.

He was at the police station to report his stolen cell phone prior to being shot.

Robinson was near a college campus in Wingate, south of Charlotte, using his selfie stick. The live stream video, which has now been removed by Facebook, shows Robinson repeatedly telling somebody, “You on Live.”

His attacker kept coming towards him. The suspect’s face is not visible in the video, and it looks like he shot Robinson four times. The victim fell to the ground, and was pronounced dead at the scene.

The Wingate University shooting has undoubtedly created a lot of panic. The suspect has not yet been arrested, and police are on the lookout for him.

Statement by Facebook 

Facebook released a statement saying that they removed the post because they are unsure if Robinson would want “this horrific act to be live streamed on social media.”

Who Is the Suspect?

Wingate Police Chief Donnie Gay said that the suspect is still at large. He was wearing brown Timberland-style boots, blue jeans, and a black and blue windbreaker. It was also revealed that the suspect had a long gun.

The suspect was later identified as Douglas Colson, and a warrant arrest is out for his arrest.

After the shooting, Wingate University was put on lockdown. Authorities are not sure why Robinson was killed or whether he met Colson before. Gay further explained that the suspect was not apprehensive about appearing on camera or shooting somebody near the police department.

Gay said, “Only being a block or so away from the police department — if that’s not brazen I don’t know what is. It’s heart breaking. I can’t believe it.”

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Who Was Prentis Robinson?

Officials state that Robinson was one of nine kids. He lived in Atlanta for a while, but apart from that, was in North Carolina his entire life. He was famous for his Facebook Live videos, where he highlighted illicit neighborhood activities such as drug dealing.

One of his friends, Chester Sanders, said, “If people don’t like it and they get angry, at some point in time it will start and something will happen. I don’t know if this was the reason for … this tragedy to happen but it happened.”