Man Apprehended after Barricading Himself in McDonald’s Bathroom; SWAT Team Deployed

A McDonalds in Georgia was the scene of a bizarre standoff between a SWAT team and a man holed up in the bathroom with a knife.

We have the latest on how this strange incident began, and how SWAT finally got him out of the restaurant.

Drugs at 4:30 a.m. in a McDonald’s Leads to SWAT Involvement

At approximately 4:30 a.m. on April 3, the staff of a Gwinnett County McDonald’s at Sugarloaf Parkway at Cruse Road noticed a man doing drugs in the restaurant. When the man was asked to leave, he ran into the bathroom, barricading himself inside.

It was at this point that the police were called.

Despite the fact that the man was only armed with a knife and took no hostages, SWAT became involved. After about an hour, they eventually used gas to force the suspect out of his position.

The suspect was taken in without further incident. Currently, no charges have been made public, and the investigation is said to be ongoing. As of this writing, police hope to turn the restaurant back over to employees shortly.