Mafia Takedown! 7 Members of Gambino and Bonanno Families Arrested

After months of work, law enforcement agents have arrested seven men in connection with mob-related activities in Long Island, including one man who has long been associated with the infamous Gambino crime family.

Alleged Mafia Members Arrested

Charges were laid in Suffolk County, New York, and then executed by law enforcement officials, including members of Suffolk County police, the New York Police Department, the FBI, and a few other federal agencies.

The main thrust of the arrests consisted of mob-related activities, including racketeering, loan sharking, drug dealing, and illegal gambling.

Six of the men arrested are allegedly associated with the Gambino family: John “Johnny Boy” Ambrosio; Thomas Anzalone; Alessandro Damelio; Joseph Durso; Anthony Rodolico; and Anthony Saladino. The seventh, Frank “Frankie Boy” Salerno, is allegedly a Bananno family soldier.

Charges Laid

John “Johnny Boy” Ambrosio is an alleged captain in the Gambino family who has long been a target of law enforcement. At age 74, Ambrosio is the oldest suspect arrested in this crackdown.

As part of the charges, Ambrosio was allegedly recorded telling customers about the underground gambling operation, saying that they could “play right here” and “save gas money” as opposed to heading out to a casino.

Anzalone, Damelio, Durso, Saladino and Salerno’s charges are among the heavier charges in the group, as they are being accused of trafficking in huge amounts of cocaine, marijuana, and “Xanax.”

If convicted, all seven men could face heavy jail time, with Saladino and Salerno facing the stiffest potential penalty, being life in prison, and the others looking at a potential 20 years in jail.

A Public Reminder: The Mafia Still Exists

Authorities say that these arrests serve a purpose other than the obvious one of catching alleged criminals to face the consequences of their actions. They help alert the general public that mafia is still out there and that law enforcement is still working on bringing them down, even if it’s only a few members at a time.

“The overt deadly attacks that used to make headlines aren’t as prevalent, but their violent tactics haven’t changed,” said William Sweeney, Jr., Assistant Director-in-Charge of the New York Field office of the FBI.