Lynn Messer Case: Missouri Woman’s Death Remains Unsolved

Lynn Messer disappeared in 2014, but her remains were found in 2016. Her case dominated national news coverage with each development during the past four years. However, the mystery of her death remains unsolved, and several questions still surround her disappearance. Here are the latest 2018 updates about the Lynn Messer case.

Lynn Messer’s Disappearance

Lynn Messer lived in Bloomsdale, Missouri with her husband, Kerry Messer, and their family. Around 4:00 a.m. on July 8, 2014, Kerry allegedly woke up to find Lynn missing.

He looked for her in their house and the farm to no avail. Lynn’s belongings, like her wallet, passport, and phone, were all in the house. Even Lynn’s walking boot for her broken toe was still at home.


With no sign of Lynn, Kerry and his sons contacted the sheriff’s department. Authorities spent the next several months searching the farm and surrounding vicinity.

One day following her disappearance, police classified Lynn Messer an “endangered person” because of her broken toe. Police had reason to believe that she was in some sort of danger.

K-9 teams, highway patrol, and the FBI joined the search, and thousands of man-hours were expended looking for Lynn Messer. Professional search and rescue teams, as well as civilian tips, assisted the search.

Several sightings of Lynn were reported. But they were all proven to be cases of mistaken identity.

Lynn Messer in Farm

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Foul Play Ruled Out

Nothing about Lynn Messer’s life leading up to her disappearance indicated signs of trouble. Investigators initially didn’t find any wrongdoing on Kerry’s part, and ruled him out as a suspect.

There were no signs of a break-in or struggle in the house. And all of Lynn’s belongings were accounted for.

Lynn was active in Bible classes, and had plans for upcoming classes before she went missing. She was allegedly working on some craft material for the class only hours before she disappeared.

Authorities remained tightlipped about major details of the case. Things took an interesting turn when, on the second anniversary of Lynn’s disappearance, Kerry opened up about it for the first time.

He mentioned that Lynn left behind a note before she disappeared, and the letter was turned over to the police. The contents of the note were never released.

It apparently contained indication of a conflict Lynn was going through. But the letter allegedly doesn’t explicitly state Lynn’s intention to walk away, or commit suicide.

Discovery of Lynn’s Remains

On November 2, 2016, one of Lynn and Kerry’s sons found skeletal remains on the farm. The medical examiner positively identified the remains as those of Lynn Messer.

The medical examiner confirmed that the remains were in that place for two years, from the time Lynn disappeared to the time they were recovered.

The exact cause of Lynn Messer’s death has not been determined. Toxicology tests using her hair samples were inconclusive. Authorities said that the case will remain open until they determine how Lynn Messer died.

Lynn and Kerry’s sons, Abram and Aarron, held a memorial for her in January 2017, even though the remains were not released to the family yet. Lynn’s remains were laid to rest in June 2017.

Kerry Messer’s Odd Behavior

In July 2016, Abram Messer gave his account of his mother’s days leading up to her disappearance. He claimed that Lynn had attempted suicide once in the past.

Kerry and his sons were conservative lobbyists in Jefferson City. But Lynn’s disappearance appeared to have strained their relationship.

Aarron and Abram had suspicions about their father’s account of the events that occurred on the night Lynn disappeared. He refused to show Lynn’s purported letter to his sons. According to them, Kerry had been stating contradictory facts to the media, and on the Facebook page he started called Find Lynn Messer.

Kerry and his sons were further estranged when Kerry reportedly started a relationship with Spring Thomas, a family friend. Kerry confirmed they were in a relationship since Christmas of 2014. He claimed that, days before she went missing, Lynn said he should marry Thomas if anything happened to her.

His sons believe that his relationship doesn’t fit with the ideals of the Missouri Family Network, the name under which the trio would lobby conservative family values.

While Aarron and Abram appealed to their father to step down from his lobbying activities, Kerry fired Abram. Both of his sons continued to live on the family farm. Abram later moved his family away, while Aarron has no contact with Kerry.

Lynn Messer Missing

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His sons were also upset that Kerry left them out of Lynn’s funeral plans.

There are also sources who claim that Kerry was acting oddly in the months following Lynn’s disappearance.

Lynn Messer Case in 2018

Kerry Messer initially posted on the Find Lynn Messer Facebook page almost every day. However, the page hasn’t been updated since August 2017, after a memorial for Lynn was canceled on account of threats sent to the church where it was going to be held.

Several concerned social media users have been following this case closely, and some locals have been observing Kerry. They say that he has either shut himself off in his home, or is solely focused on his relationship with Spring Thomas.

In a recent interview, the case’s lead detective, Lance White, responded to a few doubts pertaining to the case. Since Kerry’s sons don’t trust his account about Lynn’s disappearance or what he posts on Facebook, the interviewer asked if investigators checked out his Facebook posts. White was only at liberty to say that the FBI has looked into different aspects of the case.

In another interview shortly after Lynn’s remains were found, White said that Kerry Messer and Spring Thomas were no longer cooperating with law enforcement. The detective did, however, add that Kerry hasn’t been cleared in this investigation.

As of 2018, Messer’s death remains unexplained. Authorities won’t disclose details until her cause of death is determined and the case is closed.