Who Is Lucy Lowe? How and When Was She Killed in Telford?

As the tragedy of the Telford child abuse scandal becomes more and more known as names of a number of victims are starting to come to the forefront. No story may be more representative of the entire scandal than that of Lucy Lowe, a young lady who was murdered.

This is the story of Lucy Lowe. Who she was and why she was killed as part of one of the biggest sex abuse scandals in English history.

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Who Was Lucy Lowe?

Lucy Lowe was one of the over 1,000 victims of a gang of child rapists and groomers in Telford, England. Her story was typical of many of the victims. She was gang raped and groomed. Her “boyfriend,” Azhar Ali Mehmood was 26 years old.


Lowe was 14 when she gave birth to her daughter. She was pregnant with a second child at the age of 16, when Mehmood lit her home on fire.

A Planned Murder

Back in 2000, Lowe was asleep in the home, along with her mother Eileen, and sister Sarah. When Mehmood made sure that his daughter, Tazneem was safe, wrapped in a blanket by a tree, he lit the home on fire, killing Lucy, Eileen, and Sarah as well as Lucy’s unborn child.

Mehmood was arrested and jailed for the crime, but Lowe’s father felt that more should have come from his daughter’s murder.

Why Wasn’t it Investigated Further?

Ed Lowe, Lucy Lowe’s uncle, brought up the issue point blank in a recent interview.

“Mehmood had sex with an underage girl. I raised it with police when she died but nothing ever came of it. I’ve never got my head around that. Why has he never been punished for it?”

George Lowe, Lucy’s father, blames himself for not taking more action.

“Lucy would climb out of windows in order to get out if she was grounded. Back then, I just thought it was her being a teenager but now we all know a lot more about grooming and the effects such abuse can have on the victims. Lucy’s behavior fits that picture. I can’t bear to think she was being groomed and wasn’t able to ask for help.”

Lowe’s father has been warned to “be careful” when speaking out about his daughter. Another girl who claims that she was gang raped was told that Lucy Lowe was a warning to any past, present, or future victims.

Tory MP Telford Lucy Allan has called for a public inquiry into why all of the reports of child abuse, including Lucy Lowe’s, were not investigated further.