Video: Tulsa Liquor Store Shootout; Clerk Shoots Robber

A man robbing a liquor store in Tulsa, Oklahoma got more than he bargained for when he came up against the owner and her daughter. And it was all caught on video. Find out how a robber took on more than he could handle and almost paid the ultimate price for his criminal activities.

According to police, Tyrone Lee walked into Forest Acres Liquor on 1275 S. Memorial Drive (near 12th street and Memorial Drive). Armed with a sawed-off 12 gauge shotgun, he demanded the money from the cash register from 53-year-old Tina Ring and her daughter, 30-year-old Ashley Lee. And that’s when his troubles began.

Armed Robbery Victims Fight Back

During a security video of the incident, you can see the man alleged to be Lee turn his back on the two women. While his back is turned, Ashley grabs a gun and passes it to her mother. More words are exchanged, and Ring fires at the robber. By all appearances, she hits him at least once or twice. The suspect then made a hasty retreat.

But, not willing to take a failed robbery lying down and despite being shot, the suspect returns and fights with Ring. Ashley ducks back under the counter, returns with another firearm, and opens fire on the suspect, hitting him. She and Ring then flee the scene to call the police. Miraculously, the suspected robber also manages to make it out of the liquor store, despite being shot multiple times.

Suspect Found

Finding a suspect wasn’t that hard for the Tulsa Sheriff’s department. They began looking for a man with a number of unexplained gunshot wounds ending up in a hospital. Tyrone Lee is a man who fit the bill.

Despite being a suspect in this case, and a number of other liquor store robberies in Tulsa and Tulsa County, Lee may not get his day in court.

While he amazingly survived both shootings and managed to make it to a hospital, Lee’s condition was listed as critical, but has since been upgraded. However, he still isn’t out of the woods yet.