Laurene Gramling Lambach: Facts about the CEO of UNISON, Arrested for Probable Embezzlement

It came as a shock to employees and management of the non-profit organization UNISON when President and CEO Laurene Gramling Lambach was arrested for possible embezzlement on November 20, 2018, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The highly educated Lambach was charged with helping people in her capacity as head of UNISON, but for now, she’s under a dark cloud. UNISON has released a statement and suspended Lambach from both of her positions.

Authorities suspect that while helping other people through her organization called UNISON, Laurene Gramling Lambach might have helped herself as well.  Lambach, the president and chief executive officer of UNISON, was arrested by the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Department for possible embezzlement of funds on Tuesday morning, November 20, 2018, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

About Laurene Gramling Lambach
Age62 Years
BirthOctober 3, 1958 Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
SpouseChris Lambach 2015-Present
JobPresident and CEO of UNISON
AffiliationFostering Futures
AlumniUniversity of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

UNISON Puts Out a Statement Regarding Lambach’s Arrest

She was booked into the Milwaukee County Jail on November 20 and as of late Wednesday, is still in jail. UNISON released a terse statement on their Facebook page, which read: “This came as a shock to everyone here at UNISON, and we’re taking this matter very seriously. Laurie Lambach has been suspended from her role as President and CEO until all the facts have been gathered.”

Dear Friends, We are reaching out to let you know on the morning of Nov. 20th, UNISON President and CEO Laurie Lambach…

Posted by UNISON on Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Katie Koeppel, a spokeswoman for UNISON, said that they were unaware of the matter prior to Lambach’s arrest by Milwaukee County sheriff’s deputies. “Unfortunately, this is all we know at this point,” Koeppel said Wednesday, adding that UNISON hoped to provide more information next week.

UNISON Is a Newly Created Non-Profit Organization

UNISON, a non-profit organization, was formed in early 2018 as a partnership between Milwaukee’s Interfaith Older Adult Programs and the SET Ministry. The newly created UNISON provides services to older adults and young families in Milwaukee County. It operates five senior centers under contract with the Milwaukee County Department on Aging.

Lambach Was the Former Head of SET Ministry

UNISON employs more than 250 workers and counts thousands as volunteers. Lambach was formerly the head of SET Ministry and earned about $110,000 in that position in 2016, as per federal tax filings. She was listed as the principal officer of Milwaukee Interfaith at around the same time. It appears that she was not paid any remuneration while occupying that post.

Lambach Rubbed Shoulders with Wisconsin First Lady and Mayor Tom Barrett

Since 2011, Lambach has served as an adviser to friend and Wisconsin’s first lady Tonette Walker, in her Fostering Futures initiative. The initiative provides trauma-informed care training to people at state agencies. Lambach has claimed to be a co-founder of the initiative. She’s also claimed to have conducted trauma-informed care training for staff at the state Department of Workforce Development since 2016.

In early 2018, Lambach appeared in a news conference alongside Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett after SET Ministry received a $240,000 grant to promote job creation and self-sufficiency among residents in public housing.

Lambach Studied Business Management in College

Born on October 3, 1958, Lambach is from Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, and attended Divine Savior Holy Angels School in Milwaukee, graduating in 1976. In 2018, she was named Alumna of the Year by her former school. After completing high school, Lambach earned her bachelor’s degree and an MBA from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 1980 and 1988, respectively.

Posted by Laurie Gramling Lambach on Sunday, April 30, 2017

She Is Married to Chris Lambach

Lambach lives in New Berlin, Wisconsin, and is married to Chris Lambach, who is currently a software engineering manager at Cognex Corporation. He previously worked as a software engineer for companies such as Nexus Software, J&L Fiber Services, and Bear Automotive. Lambach has been married to Chris since March 21, 2015.

According to her Facebook profile, Lambach is a fan of movies, and some of her favorites include Will and Testament, Medicine Man, Witness, Someone to Watch Over Me, and Dirty Dancing. She catches up on her TV viewing once in a while, too, and enjoys series like NCIS, Bones, and House. Keith Urban is one of her favorite singers.

Who Will Pay the Price?

Lambach is now in jail, far from the warm comforts of her home. She has been accused of a white-collar crime, which is unfortunately still viewed leniently in America.

Most people get distracted by the money involved in such crimes, but the human cost is incalculable. Only time will tell if Laurene Gramling Lambach is guilty of financial misappropriation. Only time will tell how much Lambach may have helped herself at the expense of others in need.

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