Latest Update on the Toddler Whose Father Abandoned Him in the Woods of Bend, Oregon

Missing Oregon toddler, Bradley Michael Thomas was found by local police in the woods near Bend. The boy was reportedly abandoned by his parents, and immediately sent to St. Charles Medical Center where he is said to be in good condition.

The boy’s 18-year old mother, Katelin Dawn Thomas, and 25-year-old father, Brandon Blouin, lived together inside of a vehicle in the woods near Bend, Oregon. It was reported that just before 6:30 a.m. on May 10, Blouin went to a nearby home, claiming that the child’s mother left the baby in his care. He added that, when he went to look for her, he placed the baby down in the woods and later could not find him.

About Brandon Michael Blouin
Weight180 pounds
SpouseKatelin Dawn Thomas
AGE25 Years
CHARGES3rd degree assault, Criminal mistreatment, Child neglect, Abandonment of a child

He asked the residents to call police.

Where Was the Missing Baby Found?

Blouin left his unclothed one-year-old on the ground in the woods to look for the baby’s mother. Police later said that they believe Blouin was under the influence of methamphetamine at the time.

With the help of other local authorities, Bradley was found at 12:10 p.m. that afternoon.

Detective Doug Found Baby Bradley

Detective Doug with Baby Bradley (Photo: Twitter/DeschutesSO)

At least 50 people and a helicopter were searching for the infant when Detective Doug Jackson spotted him lying face down near a fence. The baby was asleep, and left alone for nearly six hours.

Jackson then picked up the still-warm toddler, and wrapped him in his police jacket. He was found approximately one mile away from the family’s Ford SUV.

The Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office took the baby to safety, and arrested Brandon Blouin, who now faces charges of child neglect, criminal mistreatment, assault, and endangering the welfare of a minor. Bradley’s mother, who is reportedly 18-years-old, is not facing any charges at this time.

There are reports of people donating clothes, food, and toys for the baby, who was taken to St. Charles Medical Center for evaluation.

Bradley’s Legal Guardian Speaks Out

The baby’s legal guardian is his maternal grandmother, Melissa Jordan, who believes that baby Bradley and his 18-year-old mother, Katelin Thomas, left with Brandon Blouin by force.

Bradley’s aunt, Lindsie Thomas and his grandmother were both searching for the boy, and are hoping to see both him and Katelin again soon. Jordan spoke to local media with her intent of bringing her family back to West Virginia, and keep them away from Blouin.

Charges Facing Brandon Blouin

Brandon Blouin was arrested and taken into custody shortly after Bradley was found..

Brandon Boulin Mugshot

Mugshot of Brandon Boulin
(Photo: Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office)

On Facebook, Katelin Thomas spoke out about the incident, and responded to those who criticized her parenting. She claims that Blouin is “demented, ”and that he beat, raped, starved, and wanted to “sell” her. Thomas also wrote that he once beat her with the baby in her arms. That morning, she alleged that he made her run away with him by threatening to hurt Bradley.

She said she ran in the dark, screaming for help that morning.

“He stripped MY BABY and left him ALONE. Does anyone know what it’s like to be beaten to a pulp for wanting to keep your own child safe? To be forced to run away or watch your baby get hurt? He hurt MY BABY. no one else’s,” she wrote on Facebook.

Brandon Blouin has a criminal history of theft, and breaking and entering. His current charges include criminal mistreatment, custodial interference, child neglect, abandonment of a child, and third-degree assault.