Latest Update: Police-Involved Shooting in South Sacramento; No Officers Dead

Shootings all across the country are rapidly increasing. In such news, South Sacramento is shaken with a shooting on 29th Street.

Sacramento, California has taken a hit. There was a police-involved shooting on the 7500 block of 29th Street, and officials have not revealed much about the incident. The area was blocked off, and it was confirmed that no police officers were injured in the shooting. Here’s an update.

What Happened in Sacramento?

Sacramento Police Department took to social media to inform residents of a shooting in the city. The SPD Facebook page revealed that there were no officers injured in the shooting. They also added that a male suspect passed away.

There are no further details as to who the man involved was, but SPD has not revealed details of any other possible suspects linked to the shooting.

Though there is no news of what exactly happened near 69th Avenue, the area has been blocked off. There are no other reported victims, but all precautionary procedures are being followed.

Late last night (March 18), the Sacramento Police Department said that their detectives have taken over the investigation, and that the Police Intelligence Operations (PIO) team was on its way to the crime scene.

“SPD on scene of a shooting, 7500 block of 29th St. 29th St is closed to traffic. PIO enroute, media to stage at Light Rail Station 29th/Meadowview [sic],” a tweet by the Sacramento Police Department read.

The PIO will likely brief the media at Meadowview about the incident when more information becomes available.