Latarsha Sanders Allegedly Stabs Her Two Sons to Death

Massachusetts resident Latarsha Sanders is being accused of stabbing her two children to death, two days before the police were called to her apartment. She is being arraigned on Tuesday, February 6, 2018.

Latarsha Sanders, 44, has been charged with murdering her sons in her Brockton, Massachusetts apartment. The names of the two victims, who were aged eight and five, have not been released. Sanders has an arraignment hearing on Tuesday, February 6 at Brockton District Court.

According to Sanders’ neighbor, Vin Lalli, Sanders was sitting outside the apartment building and told another neighbor to call emergency services.

According to Lalli, when Sanders was being taken by the ambulance, she was put onto a stretcher and then she just started kicking and screaming. And then, says Lalli, “…a woman (who also lived in the building) came out and said  ‘I think she killed her babies.’”

The bodies of the two children were found in the third floor apartment, where Sanders lived with her two sons. According to authorities, the boys were stabbed multiple times. It is estimated that the bodies were lifeless for at least 48 hours.

Sanders did end up going to the hospital, where she was arrested once the police arrived.

Official Reaction to the Murders

Timothy J. Cruz, the Plymouth County District Attorney, said, “we’re all left wondering how, why this happen?”  He added, “All crime scenes are grisly. But these victims were innocent children. This was a gruesome and disturbing and, most of all, a heartbreaking crime.”

According to Cruz, Sanders has admitted to the crime and her words will be used in court when her trial takes place.

Cruz declined to say if there was a past history of any sort of child abuse by Sanders. He added that Sanders does have another child, who is safe and sound.

A spokeswoman for the Department of Children and Families said they are investigating the incident. No details have been released of whether there was a past history with the family. If there was any past history, it could be used in the investigation process.

No motive for the murder of the two children has been released, though a theory may be presented at the arraignment.