Las Vegas Homeless Murders of Two Men May Share a Connection

Police now suspect that the Las Vegas homeless murders of two men may be linked. They are canvassing the areas surrounding the shootings and seeking more surveillance footage of the killer.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) has released a chilling surveillance video depicting one of two Las Vegas homeless murders. James Edgar Lewis, 64, was killed on February 2, 2018.

According to the LVMPD, the crime’s similarity to the murder of another homeless man, Brian Wayne Clegg, in Las Vegas on January 29 may point to a connection between the slayings.

At around 4:15 a.m., a dark SUV drove up to where Lewis was sleeping beneath a Las Vegas freeway. A man wearing a dark top stepped out of the vehicle and fired twice into Lewis’s head.

Police have referred to Lewis’s death as “an execution.”

Clegg, 51, was shot and killed outside the Rancho Discount Mall in central Las Vegas. A report from the Las Vegas Review-Journal said Clegg was shot multiple times while he was sleeping. He died at the scene.

There were two other homeless people sleeping next to Clegg. They were awakened by the gunshots and proceeded to flee. One of them called police.

Laura Meltzer, a spokeswoman for the LVMPD, said, “There is a possibility that these two incidents are related.”

In both incidents, extremely vulnerable individuals with no way of either defending themselves or escaping were killed. The homeless men may have been selected because their low socioeconomic status made them easy targets of opportunity.

Police Seek Clues in Las Vegas Homeless Murders 

According to CNN, Meltzer said police are urging residents to check their own home surveillance camera footage for images of a dark SUV or a man wearing a dark hoodie.

Anyone with information regarding these Las Vegas homeless murders is urged to speak with the LVMPD.

“We never quite know where that piece of information is going to come from that can solve these cases,” said Meltzer.