Suspected Las Vegas Homeless Killer, Joshua Castellon, Captured

Previously, we reported on a potential serial killer hunting the homeless of Las Vegas. He shot four unarmed homeless men, leaving two of them dead. Now police say they have a suspect in custody: 26-year-old Joshua Castellon.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department alleges that Joshua Castellon, age 26, fatally shot two homeless men and attempted to murder two others.

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With three similar shootings on January 29 and one on February 2, 2018, police were worried they had a potential serial killer on their hands. The clock seemed to be ticking. But by February 8, police were starting to zero in on Castellon.

Castellon was first questioned after he had been spotted sleeping in a vehicle that matched the description of that used in one of the shootings.

After that meeting, a number of pieces started clicking into place. By February 14, police were sure that Castellon was their killer.

Charges Laid Against Joshua Castellon

Joshua Castellon was first taken into custody on federal gun charges. The arrest came after Castellon told police that he had bought a gun to resell to a friend of a friend.

He did not declare his intention to sell the firearm on his Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives application when he bought it, making the sale illegal. It is believed that the gun in question may be the murder weapon.

Castellon has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder, two counts of attempted murder, and one count of illegal acquisition of a firearm.

Police are still searching for the gun that they believe was used in the shootings. They also have yet to reveal a possible motive. As of this writing, no court dates have been set.

See the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police arrest announcement here: