Larry Nassar Wiki: A Timeline of the Former USA Gymnastics Doctor’s Crimes

The Larry Nassar sexual abuse scandal has shaken the sports world to its core. Who is Larry Nassar? What did he do? Read our Larry Nassar wiki for a look at the former doctor’s background and the timeline of his crimes.

The Larry Nassar sexual abuse scandal has rocked the worlds of gymnastics and organized sports. The after-effects for over 265 identified victims who were sexually abused under his care as a physician may last for years to come. Nassar has been sentenced to a total of 140 to 360 years in prison; however, the bigger questions of who Larry Nassar is and the scope of his crimes need to be outlined. And you’ll find some of the answers you seek in this Larry Nassar wiki.

Larry Nassar Wiki: Who Is Larry Nassar?

Larry Nassar was born on August 16, 1963, in Farmington Hills, Michigan. As a teenager attending North Farmington High School, on the advice of his older brother Mike Nassar, who was an athletic trainer, he made the fateful decision to become an athletic trainer working with the women’s gymnastics team in 1978.

Stephanie Lynn Anderson became Nassar’s wife on October 19, 1996. The couple lived in Holt, Michigan, and had three children together, including two daughters and a son.

There were no warning signs to the general public about Nassar. Rather, he projected the suburban facade of normalcy that garnered him widespread acceptance. A neighbor noted how he appeared to be a devoted family man and father to his three children.

While Nassar was respected for his ability to treat athletes, especially those with back, ankle, and hip injuries, a predatory serial abuser lay beneath the surface. The nature of his abuse consisted of digital vaginal or anal penetration for prolonged periods of time, sometimes occurring over the course of multiple treatments, some spanning years. He was able to carry out this sexual abuse against gymnasts and other athletes under the guise of his profession.

Timeline of Nassar’s Career and Crimes


  • Nassar earns a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology at the University of Michigan.


  • Nassar begins working with the U.S. national gymnastics team as an athletic trainer, on the recommendation of Michigan gymnastics coach Steve Whitlock.
Larry Nassar at Olympics



  • According to a 2017 lawsuit, while a Michigan State medical student, Nassar assaulted a 12-year-old girl at a Lansing facility and Nassar’s apartment.


  • Nassar earns his degree from Michigan State University’s College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1993, garnering numerous awards during his final year of medical school.


  • Nassar becomes national medical coordinator for USA Gymnastics prior to the 1996 Atlanta Olympic games. He will attend three additional Olympic games as part of USA Gymnastics.
  • Twistars USA Gymnastics Club is opened by coaches John and Kathryn Geddert, who recommend Nassar to numerous athletes.


  • The Indy Star publishes an investigation into Nassar in August, and on September 12, a feature about Rachael Denhollander and another gymnast about Larry Nassar’s abuse.
  • Hundreds more victims come forward due to the story breaking.
  • Nassar is reassigned from his clinical duties at MSU; on September 20, MSU fires Nassar.
  • Nassar is charged on November 22 with three counts of first degree criminal sexual abuse.


  • Federal lawsuits are lodged against Nassar, MSU, USA Gymnastics, and Twistars Gymnastics Club.
  • The Associated Press estimates the cost of lawsuits against Michigan State University at being in excess of $237.0 million. Some of this money will be covered by insurance.
  • In July, Stephanie Lynn Anderson, Nassar’s wife, divorces him and is granted full custody of their three children.


  • Larry Nassar is sentenced by judges to multiple terms in prison after the tearful testimony from victims and their family members. Judge Rosemarie Aquilina notoriously tells him: “I just signed your death warrant.”
  • Nassar becomes federal inmate #21504-040.
  • MSU sets aside a $10.0-million healing fund so Nassar survivors have access to counseling.

Nassar Begins His Sentence

Nassar is temporarily being housed in Milan Federal Correctional Institution in Milan, Michigan, a low-security facility. He will likely be transferred to a medium or high-security prison. Due to the high-profile nature of his crimes, it is probable that he will be placed in a cell by himself, or go straight into protective custody for his own security.

Larry Nassar

Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images

Florida-based federal prison consultant Edward Bales told USA Today that other inmates “have seen him on TV, they know who he is, and he’s going to have to watch his back.”

Larry Nassar is 54 years old right now. He is required to serve his entire federal sentence, after which, he would serve his state sentences concurrently. This means he is eligible for release from prison on March 23, 2069.

If he survives until then, he will be 105 years old.